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  1. My mum and I spotted this too - hope you get a reply soon!
  2. Think I was very lucky as I had 265 and managed to get her at about 5:15. she was lovely!
  3. I'm not a tech wizard but managed to invert in photoshop - hopefully of some use?
  4. My mum was at Bernard Cribbins at 11:05 also in photo area D. Like above all were called together, no queue lines until a pit boss realised and organised it. She did mention this at the info desk however as this has been mentioned on here thought I would add to discussion.
  5. I also spotted Tim balloon in the GA queue
  6. My mum and I got there at (slightly) different times - me about 9:20, her about 9:30. Bags were being checked when I went in, none being checked when she went in. Agree with a previous comment that bags weren't being checked when re-entering the event. Hope this helps!
  7. Glad to see a topic like this, all the crew were great. Want to give a shout out to the crew handing out photos at area c for Michael Shanks and Ben Browders joint shoot - my photo came out and Michael was grimacing but a quick chat to the crew and they sorted it out for me to go round again. Many thanks again for this!
  8. Firstly let me start off by saying I realise this pales in comparison to some experiences this weekend, however this needs to be added to the feedback about the event. Myself and 299 others were very lucky to have won in the raffle for the signings with Sue Vertue, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. I myself had won Sue's (I think initially we were all a bit confused as on the original thread it was worded in such a way that all 3 would sign for all 300, but no matter!) The issue a lot of us did have, especially in Sue's queue and I presume other queues had the same issue, is that we had been told that 8x10s would be provided to get signed. There were NONE. They hadn't run out. There were none to start off with. The first post still stating this at the bottom of it is here and here is a screen shot of said post: What ended up happening is that I had my Marvel notebook with me, and ended up giving out at least 20 of my pages to other people in the queue, and we all got that signed. I did see another post in the forum saying that card had been given to those without personal items - this certainly wasn't communicated to Sue's queue. I know some people will say "well why didn't you bring something to get signed?!". Because we had been assured that 8 by 10s would be available. I would have gotten her to sign my Sherlock DVD already signed by Benedict had it not been the case! Much rather that than my Marvel notepad. I know nothing can be done now, and I spoke to the crew at the time about it, but I would say that should such an opportunity be provided in the future, that promised items should be made available.
  9. Hi all, just a quick question. Been coming for years and this will be mums second time coming to LFCC. She has some possible clashing. I reckon this will be the best order for her to do things in: 12:50 -13:05 Lawrence Gilliard Jr (ticket 27) Area B 12:55 - 13:10 Glenn Morshower (ticket 48) Area F 13:10 -13:20 Vincent Ward (ticket 15) Area B And I'm recommending to her that she shows her tickets for Glenn to crew at Lawrence- asks to go through near the very front of Lawrence's queue. The only issue is that she can't move very quickly, so running between shoots as I would have done isn't an option. Then when she's at Glenn's queue she shows her tickets for Vincent and asks to go through near the front for Glenn, again because of teh whole not being able to run back for Vincent. Does this sound right?
  10. I'd love to know the pantone colour or see a swatch so I know if my dr who coat will be a problem. Don't know if this will help, but I had the green screen tardis shoot and the shirt I was wearing got partially washed out. I was wearing this: and it turned out like: But then again I also had the green screen stargate shoot in Cardiff and I was wearing a green dress, and it turned out okay, if a little dark! Hope that helps!
  11. Yep, me and mum are! Early train from Sandwell and Dudley station
  12. Saturday: Me Billy Dee Williams - 78 David Hewlett - 115 Jenna Coleman - 468 Mum Vincent Ward - 15 Jose Pablo Cantillo - 27 Glen Morshower - 48 Lawrence Gilliard Jr - 27 David Hewlett - 116 Guess what show mum watches Waiting on my John Hurt ticket
  13. Here is a link to mine (it was showing up too big here!): https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/t31.0-8/10295097_10154103630250696_6686604441954850147_o.jpg That's an awesome photo Thanks! Very pleased with it - Sylvester had just let out a hearty guffaw, which made me laugh. Paul looks a bit bemused
  14. Here is a link to mine (it was showing up too big here!): https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/t31.0-8/10295097_10154103630250696_6686604441954850147_o.jpg
  15. Hi. I have a favour to ask of anyone going tomorrow (Saturday). I'm coming only for Danny John Jules, and it's an hour and a half journey for me to make. Danny has cancelled on the day before so I ask anyone attending tomorrow if they can see whether he is there, and post on this thread to let me know? Then I can set out. Thanks in advance
  16. Ah I mustn't have been far behind you, think I was about 16th/17th. He was so hilarious at the start of the shoot! Also I think the whole Brian shoot wasn't helped by the fact he was 15 minutes late (don't know if people at or near the back were aware of that).
  17. Ah right, thank you for the reply. I think an error has occurred then, as it has come as an added extra rather than being included in the price quoted on the website. Which email address is the shop address to query this, do you know? Thanks again
  18. Hi everyone, looking forward to attending this to see the boys from the dwarf again! Just ordered my tickets and I've noticed that VAT was added (I've already submitted the order, d'oh), and only on Robert Llewellyn's photo shoot ticket (I've ordered Sat Early bird entry, and Chris, Craig and Robert photos). VAT has never been added before on any of my showmasters orders, and I must confess I don't understand VAT anyway. Just wanted to check whether this was a mistake or not? It's only £3 extra but every little helps, conventions are an expensive hobby! Thanks
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