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  1. It seemed you were right because 1 ticket was available few minutes after and I managed to get it and now it's written "sold out". Thanks for the help.
  2. (Hope it's the good topic to ask) I went to the store and saw that for Daniel Portman the Friday, it's written "unavailable" (a bit surprised while yesterday the Batch 1 and 2 were available). What's the difference between unavailable and sold out?
  3. Too bad, they were on my guestlist
  4. It does not look like to be a guest announcement, think maybe another show planned?
  5. Again? My wallet is not ready
  6. Great, photoshoot booked! Hope this time she won't cancel
  7. Too bad, hope to meet her another time
  8. He is attending the wole day on the Saturday or just the morning as the Sunday?
  9. Met him at the collectormania with my best friend, she just saw this and was like "OMG, cannot believe it"
  10. The word "huge" intrigues me! I think, it will be a guest that no one except to see, thus hard to guess who it can be
  11. She is, she is making a guest appearence I was watching the movie on Thursday and yesterday I've booked a photoshoot with her
  12. I've no idea although for me "big guest" means someone who already came to a SM event
  13. Nice guest, already met him twice. Glad that he's booked at LFCC as he canceled C24 but too bad for me he is coming the day I won't be there
  14. Nice to have another new HP guest