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  1. Friday: Iron Fist cast (Finn, Jessica, Tom): Hopefully auto + photo (already booked photo with Finn though) Richard Dean Anderson: auto Christopher Lloyd: auto + photo
  2. I think the same and thought to Stan Lee. Stan Lee isn't doing European cons from 2014 unfortunately. Ah okay, I have not seen he stopped in 2014.
  3. I think the same and thought to Stan Lee.
  4. Great announcement but it'll be another HP guest I'll miss for me , not attending the day I go
  5. Met him in 2011 at EMS. So sad 😢
  6. Cool, a new HP guest. Although I'll miss him, I'm not going the Sunday
  7. I second this!! Same. I always wondered why . Would be cool, I've missed him the other year
  8. Chocolates and specialities from your country (something they can eat during their weekend), they enjoy in general. Otherwise, home made creation (like drawings)
  9. Thought the same in reading "One of our C24 guests has starred in a recent movie as a character we've all come to know very well"
  10. Great! Met him in 2015, nice man but just took a photoshoot. I'll have the opportunity take his autograph now 😃
  11. Thought directly to Lena Headey for GoT :). Otherwise I think maybe John Hurt or David Tennant for Doctor Who (and Harry Potter movies)
  12. Thought directly to Lena Headey :). Otherwise I think maybe John hurt or David Tennant