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  1. groaned out loud when i heard this. such a shame but his work comes first. try again next year.
  2. unexpected guest, very welcome though. photoshoot is booked.
  3. Henry Winkler ( the Fonz) Henry Thomas ( ET) Tami Stronach ( Neverending story)
  4. Laura Trott Pam Dawber
  5. Henry Winkler or any Happy days cast
  6. Hi, i spoke to Gemma Whelan at your Birmingham event and she says shes not at Olympia on the friday only the saturday and sunday. The office needs to check as i know several people who are going for her on the friday.
  7. cool. i keep missing him to get in my Game of Thrones book. on the quiet friday too even better.
  8. Security is only as good as its weakest point. on leaving the hall and getting a handstamp returning back into the hall during the day nobody was checking bags or if you were bringing in anything new into the venue. No sniffer dog on view, no NEC security except one guy standing well away from the re-entries and the couple of blue shirts were just checking hand stamps but not the bags. oops! came into the venue 3 times this way having gone to the cash points, the newsagents and the pub and nobody searched me. In fact the last time i came back in nobody even looked at me as the blue shirts were chatting to each other and somebody else they knew.
  9. staff were first class and helpful as usual. Special shout out to and thanks to Amy who was with Geoff Hurst on sunday and to Jess the new girl on the Groot photoshoot. super friendly and helpful.
  10. Pele is my all time hero. To get to meet him was something i thought i'd never do. I've met some great guests over the years through Showmasters like Stan Lee and Michael J Fox but for me this tops the lot. Thank you Jason and the team.
  11. disapointed,was just about to buy a photo shoot when i got paid friday. However at least the cancelation is not in the last few days after travel etc is booked. hope she'll make it next time.
  12. very disappointed , guest line up was allready weak for me. no longer attending.
  13. love all the GOT guests. nice one
  14. would be nice to see Miranda Otto come back and Henry Winkler as a guest too. also Pam Dawber
  15. Great news. love GOT guests. really pleased to see her at a convention. another for my book.