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  1. very disappointed , guest line up was allready weak for me. no longer attending.
  2. love all the GOT guests. nice one
  3. would be nice to see Miranda Otto come back and Henry Winkler as a guest too. also Pam Dawber
  4. Great news. love GOT guests. really pleased to see her at a convention. another for my book.
  5. nice one Showmasters
  6. great to see her back. she is so nice. planning to see her both in Brmingham and London.
  7. so pleased he's coming to Brum, i missed him in london as i had to leave having got so many photoshoots to do which took up all my time.. need him in my GOT book. nice one Showmasters.
  8. superb. Gemma is so nice. need her in my GOT book.
  9. as the event is in June don't wait until July. you might be at the venue on your own if you wait except for the cleaners and security. all the wookies, Deadpoolers and Troopers will have gone too.
  10. hopefully a Game of Thrones guest as this year its a bit quiet. preferably a guest that hasn't been to an event before.
  11. he was really cool in Milton Keynes. nice guy to talk too
  12. lovely guy to meet
  13. really enjoyed 'Fresh prince of Bel Air'. didn't expect this announcement. would love to see Tatiana Ali invited or any other cast especially Will Smith.
  14. why are they allowed to advertise sales of Autos? other dealers are not and mods delete any posts.
  15. new forum looks awful. don't like it one bit.