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Hibernating '19 Questions' game of Hibernation


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So not real

not an animal


in films

Possibly a bad guy depending on your world view

Wears red and black as well other colours

Not Iron Man

Not Animated

In multiple media (probably TV I'm guessing) but not horror nor Marvel

Not Sci Fi

Mildly amusing

not ginger

Like bottles. 

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There are discussions about the morality of some characters actions in these films I think but (whilst I haven't seen the new one so am basing this off the animated version) there's usually one main one who's definitely the bad guy, so he's out, and a couple who either aren't bad but aren't nice, or are nice but who's actions may be seen as dodgy at some points so I'm going to plump for....

Image result for screen shots from the new Aladdin


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45 minutes ago, Queen_Sindel said:

Was? Are you deceased or have you ended your Career?

And before the Bear pipes up, I am Aware that being deceased Ends your Career too. :lol: 

I almost said the Duchess of Sussex, but she's not in the age bracket. :lol: 


Indeed deceased - 14

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