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Latest Guest Announcement - COLIN HUNT

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Latest Guest Announcement - Colin Hunt

Attending: Friday

Autograph Price: £10

ESB - Snowtrooper walking behind vader
ROTJ - Prune Face 1 of the 3 sat in the briefing room, Endor Rebel in the bunker scene (INSIDE), Stormtrooper next to Barrie Holland (again in the bunker) , Mon Cal (ewok celebration scene) , Rancor Guard - Giran - puts his arm around Paul Brooke. Gammy Guard - the gam guard the luke forces to the wall on entry to jabbas palace.
Superman IV - Sergeant York
Indiana Jones & Last Crusade - German officer

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Character's name is Orrimaarko (aka Prune Face), he was even a decent character in the Star Ward CCG. I hope Colin can added to the pre order store before it closes as I'd like his autograph!

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