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Here are the people I want to meet the MOST!

Character: Actor: Other scifi/fantasy they have done

Lt Aiden Ford Rainbow Sun Franks

Vala Maldoran/Qetash Claudia Black Aeryn Sun - Farscape

General Hank Landry Beau Bridges Chairan Tokumaru - from up on poppy hill

Dr Parrish Jonathone Young Nicola Tesla - Sanctuary

Kasuf/Good Father Erick Avari Dr terrence Bey - The Mummy

Osiris/Sarah Gardner Anna Louise Plowman

Cronus Ron Halder voices in animated marvel movies

Camulus Steve Bacic Hank McCoy X-men 2

Nirrti Jacqueline Samuda Detective Patranyzk - Supernatural

Nicholas Rush Robert Carlyle Durza - Eragon

Evererett Young Louis Ferreira Art Blank - Saw IV

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Loving all the suggestions so far.


I would be happy for any Stargate guest's who have been in Sanctuary also.


For me, I'd buy my ticket on the spot if you got either:


Jonathon Young-Dr Parrish in Stargate:Atlantis, but I just love his character in Sanctuary.




Neil Jackson-Khalek in SG-1 & the Goth Wraith in the Atlantis Vegas episode. I also loved his character's in the Blade series as the main villain & Sleepy Hollow as Abraham Van Brunt (the Headless Horseman before he lost his head).


You could even get Neil's partner Kylie Furneaux, who has been a stunt double on a few Atlantis & SGU episodes & has been a stunt double for Jaimie Alexander for many years.

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