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First time as a Crew Member


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Hey guys.

So, I just got THE email to tell me I have been selected to be part of the crew for NFCC next month, which is amazing. I am SUPER excited about it and cannot wait to get stuck in.


I read the 'larger than life' crew handbook and realised just how much work goes into these events and how much the crew do, as well as the Pit Bosses of course - it hasn't put me off though!


I was wondering if anyone has any advice/tips for me as a first timer? What was your experience like?


Answers to these would also be appreciated.

Do I do one job/stay in one area for the entire day?

Is there anything I should look out for?

Will my Pit Boss be in the same area as me throughout the day? If not, how do I contact them during the event if I need them?



Tamar :smile:

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Very occasionally you will be moved between areas in the course of a day if there is an unexpected desperate need for crew somewhere but 99% of the time you will be doing one job all day (although often very different jobs on different days). The pit bosses are similarly assigned to individual areas, so you'll usually see them frequently through the day and can flag them down if you need them.

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Hi Tamar and welcome


I'm one of the pit bosses who will be around at Newcastle, (do say Hi, even if I'm not on your pit, I do love eating saying hello to new crew).


Great advice from both etmuse and Karen, I can only add from my point of view...
If in doubt ask! I'd rather you asked me 20 questions and got it right than no questions and got it wrong. There is no such thing as a stupid question, the stupid one is the crew member who thinks they know it and actually doesn't.


Grab your pit bosses mobile number off them in the morning. I always offer it to the crew in my pit, that way they can normally always get to me and most of the pb's do the same, it's easier to ping us a text as I/we may not always be able to answer, but will respond asap.


and last but not least, enjoy it! It's hard work but ultimately satisfying.


Ooh and don't panic if your pit boss calls you hun, babe, angel, sweetcakes or similar all day, we aren't trying to chat you up. TooTall has a brain as big as himself, with the uncanny ability to remember everyone's name but most of the rest of us are mere mortals who are trying to remember sometimes up to 40 names for the people in our pits, it's not personal, it's a brain thing.



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Have fun its hard work at times well most of the time,walk in with a smile we are not scary people really, The pit bosses are amazing trust me if they can put up with my constant questions and such the can put up with anything. make sure you wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes you could be standing or running around for hours. have breakfast, drink plenty it can get warm at shows and eat snacks to keep your energy up. Yep pretty much what everyone else said.

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Oh my god - thank you so much guys. I don't feel as nervous now.

It may not be until next month, but I wanna be as prepared as I can.


I'll hopefully see you at NFCC Dawn!! Thanks for the support!

I just want March to come now! :)

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