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  1. Depends on the number or batch of you photo ticket for Loiuse, if its a low number you will probably be able to go to either, if its a higher number/batch then it will be the second shoot
  2. This article is outragious, it was never stated that Benedict would be at Sherlocked and paying 3,000 is not the only way to meet him. Last year my daughter met him and she didnt pay nearly that much. Heaven forbid that he should need a holiday with his family, surely that's his business and I dont see why they need to point out who he is going on holiday with or being surprised that his wife and son are included in this. The comments are also pretty awful, made it sound as though he never made an effort to meet his fans.
  3. I would go and talk to the ticket sales desk on the day, they may be able to help you
  4. Me and child will be in the Ibis next to the Novotel
  5. I know that its upsetting when a guest cancels but surely as a fan you would be glad that they were working. I dont think they would cancel unless it is unavoidable. It's not like they are sitting at home and thinking "I cant be bothered to go to LFCC and meet my fans, get paid, I'd rather sit at home and do nothing".
  6. There were Back to the Future exclusives last year
  7. I always found whisky goes down well with guests
  8. Olympia dont allow the use of these things inside the building
  9. If this is the hotel on Matheson Road then we stayed there last year. There were 4 adults in a tiny room with no air conditioning and the window hardly opened, they gave us a fan but there was hardly room to make it very useful. The bathroom is the size of a cupboard with no room to move with the door shut. There was also a mix up with out payment as they authorised 2 nights before we arrived and then didnt know how to get the money back until we were leaving
  10. might have been Derek https://www.facebook.com/dereks.tradingcards?fref=ts
  11. I had the same question last year, you'll get £5 in cash in return :) You wont receive cash in return, when buying the vouchers at an event the crew will ask who you are using the vouchers for and try and give you the exact denomination in vouchers, and i am sure when buying on line you will also receive a variety of vouchers but crew are not allowed to give cash in change as mentioned above.
  12. If you have a look on booking.com, they dont usually charge up front. It can be slightly more expensive to book cancelable rooms but save if the event gets cancelled or dates change.
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