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The Future

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okay i'm bored at work


So, looking at the young guys in the WWE, who do we think will be future World Champions and who will just Fail


Thwagger (Swagger) - i think this guy will be amazing in a few years, ECW gave him a taste of the light and stage, and he showed us he's got the talent in ring to be World Champion but i think now after the trade he's going to learn allot from the Vets and can only improve


MVP - if they drop the Gimmick and just did him as normal he could be good, i don't like him myself but i can see him being big


Di Biase - again not a fan but vince will no doubt ram him down our throats and he'll either not handle it and end up out of the company or mid card for most of his career like Regal


Cody - i'ld love to see him in story's like his dad, he's not got the size but i think he could be a working class hero type and after a good few years get his hands on the big gold, the beauty is that he's so damn young the world is at his feet


Miz - will go to announcing or presenting, he's not got the ring skills


Morrison - i don't need to say it we can all see it...............Shawn Michales


Colons - Carlito has got some skill but not main event and Primo i can't see lasting another draft


Benjamin - if i where him i'ld be looking at my contract and thinking about leaving, the guy is too good to be mid card, i can see him going elsewhere and being big



so what you guys think?

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your right it does seam a tad worrying for the future of WWE, TNA has all the hot young tallent in its X-Division (which is the best wrestling on tv at the moment imho)


I agree that Benjamin deserves better than midcard, but really if he went to tna now he would prolly end up in the x-division, with tnas stupid storyline atm which is basicly WCW storylines re-hashed,


the problem is that at the moment WWE are not really buidling anyone up to be that next main eventer, and for the next few years i cant see it changing really when you have


John i sell merchandice so i must win always Cena (i dont know how old he is but he looks like he could go for a good 5 years or so)


Tripple H (he will only get out of the spotlite in a coffin basicly over his dead body)


Randy i can be as much of a **** backstage as i like but still keep my job Orton (good 10 years left in him)


they are the main players at the moment, Undy comes in and out as he pleases but he's earned that,


just below them we have people like Jerricho, Edge, Hardy


then theres another level


Jerricho is a proffessional and will put people over, ive never read anything about the other 2 tryin to hold people back from pushes




if i was Vince for the day this is what id do


reduce the amount of diva matches, yes they fill the role of "match you go to the toilet or get food in" so i wouldnt cut them out completly


get rid of dead weight on the roster who havnt done anything and arnt likley to do anything


offer as much money as it would take to get AJ Styles & Samoa Joe and if he'd go Cristopher Daniels


Push John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin,


cut the stupid ppvs that no one cares about, or atleast revamp them to be more interesting


build someone up to Cena Levels then have a awsome Face/Face feud like Rock Austin (obviously these guys are 10 x greater than cena will ever be but you get my point)

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What some people see as great talent, others see as not pulling their weight. For how good they can be, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe are treading water at the moment. When Joe was off for the birth of his child he put on weight he has not lost since returning. AJ Styles is the same as he was a year ago, but looking a little out of shape. Daniels is on the way back after doing the gimmick crap for 18 months or so.


A lot of TNA talent is under used and could do so much more. It is just a case of doing it. They may have matches set out and spots to hit, but in a recent Sonjay Dutt interview he admitted that several X-Division talents went off the books during their Terror Dome match a while ago. So, in the right circumstances, it shows that you can go off book.


In the WWE, something that is worldwide (unlike TNA) in coverage, the people that put bums in seats and money in the coffers will get the push. Aside from that, it takes time to prove you can hack it in the big league. Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger are examples of that as it was Triple H who pushed for them to come to Raw as he thought they had what it takes.


John Morrison is in the throws of being built up as the next HBK. He is being compared to him a lot on TV and PPVs.


Shelton Benjamin has had a number of chances, but never seems to click with the audience. I guess it is a case of keep trying.


More to come as tea is ready......

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Well with Edge out to aleast next Jan we will see what happens soon.......

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There would be no point in bringing Joe, Styles or Daniels to WWE as theyd be buried just like anyone else whos ever jumped ship thinking that Vince could offer them the promise land.


As for young talent -


Swagger has the look and size to go places just needs to work on his mic skills. Looks like hes going to be an Orton stooge for the time being which means he'll get beat up over and over by HHH and Batista but hopefully the rub might work in his favour.


Dibiase and Rhodes are good but not great, the trouble they both have is that people dont really percieve them as a threat or big star because of the way they get taken out every week by people they should be destroying (shane, vince etc). Out of the pair id give Rhodes more chance of making it.


Shelton is never going to break the glass ceiling as it would appear hes perfectly happy to tread water and pick up a pay cheque. I had hopes for him when he moved to ECW as a feud with Christian would be great but after his debut and the way he was booked to be racist all hope went out the window. Its a real shame as for me hes the best wrestler in the company.


As long as Morrison can stay off the show that has Cena and HHH he has a chance, SD is by far the best show in WWE and the top of the card is something he could slot into with the likes of Hardy, Punk and Edge (gutted about his injury). Alas Taker will be back at some point which is just taking a spot that someone like Morrison could be filling.


Wrestlers like the Colons will never main event and are destined to be midcard for life, same with the Miz.


Evan Bourne has a great chance of being the next Mysterio and reaching the top of the card as an underdog as long as he stays healthy and doesnt see fit to enhance himself like Rey seems to have done.


Sheamus is a great prospect too, saw him wrestling back in the day in Ireland and hes a real talent, if he can avoid any stereotypical gimmicks he has the size and personality to reach the main event in my opinion.

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I would not say Taker ever takes a spot from anyone. If Morrison got a good program with Taker the guy would become the next Shawn. It is well documented that Taker is not the type to care being on top of the card much the same with chris jericho and they really want to help put over the future talent of the WWE which the likes of HHH & Shawn rarely do unless you are in there "click".


I think that Benjamin moving to ECW is a good thing, and with any luck he will get in the title hunt with Christian and Dreamer.


I must say that ECW is getting better and better to the point of I think its better then RAW. Dreamer is helping put over the likes of Christian again as he does not care about loosing as his character has always been "the guys that looses but keeps coming back for more". I would love to see a Benjamin Vs Christian ECW title match I really think they could steal any PPV that is on.


Cena well he is just the Rock v2. Love or hate him he is doing the business a world of good after the whole drugs deal.


The only thing I hate WWE for at the moment is TOO much Vince on TV. Love what he is doing on Smackdown making GM mix it up but get him of Raw.


Overall I think WWE is picking up, simply because they started to realize they had to, just which TNA realized the same think and stopped rehashing old WCW storyline. And be the cutting edge wrestling show it used to be!! Angle is the new nWo everything is about him, and they said in the Monday Night Wars DVD, if you cant beat them Join them and thats what everyone is doing. God its getting s**t.

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The WWE have started to change things, and for the better.


1. Vince McMahon came back to TV for a reason, and now seems to be gradually sloping off. Having him pop up from time to time is spot on. The Raw Guest Host is a cracking idea, and you don't know what you are going to get as Ted DiBiase, Senior proved last night (last week technically). He came out a heel, got a legend's reception and did what he thought was best. He also progressed the DiBiase, Junior vs Orton break up more saying that RKO was keeping him down. With the imminent release of Marine 2, I think a singles run as a face will lift Ted, Jr big time. I can also see Swagger coming in to replace DiBiase, Jr...but the whole Legacy thing is brought in to question.


2. The WWE are apparently seriously conisdering dropping the amount of PPVs from next year. Going back to making them more special is a good thing and allows a decent build up for the pay off match at a PPV.


3. The edict last night on RAW of no title matches before Night Of Champions may wellbe the start of making title matches special again. I hope so for one. Less title changes help build up the prestige of a title belt.


4. Push Primo Colon big time in a face vs face programme with Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. This removes the BS cheap shots and gives us top drawer matches. So, keep Big Show out of it. Leave last night's RAW inteference as his last.


5. Let Jeff Hardy have some time off, and bring him back at The Royal Rumble for a final pay off match at WrestleMania with CM Punk. You can tell he is burnt out as he seems tro be getting into the "being screwed over" storyline too easily. It see,s like his "p*ssed off" face is too genuine. Also, Matt Hardy is absolutely cack as a heel. Leave him off TV whilst his body recovers from his operation and bring him back just before or with Jeff. MH is better off as a face.


6. Keep Edge on TV with the Cutting Edge. Have someone teanm with Jericho in order to drop the belts, and you have a ready made programme for Edge when he comes back. He is getting over more as a face these days, so have Edge vs Jericho at WrestleMania - that would be excellent.


Well, that is it for now. I have some things to sort out this afternoon. I am going to start a string later as how the WWE can sensibly move forward and build up to WrestleMania without looking stupid. #


Laters people...



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i reckon they could and should put Carlito with Legacy while bringing Dibiase out of Legacy

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Forgot about Carlito being a legacy...interesting choice.

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Benjamin - Told him to his face he should be World Champion but he didn`t seem to care.


Kendrick - I told him he is the best cruiserweight in the world but now i don`t think i could say it again and mean it. If it is true he would rather pay a fine than give up recreational drugs then i hope he sees sense soon because he could and should be one of the greats.


Evan Bourne - Apparently Vince likes him so he could be huge. He is the main reason i can`t call Kendrick the number one cruiserweight anymore.


Kofi Kingston - I have met the guy but never genuinely liked him. He is slowly starting to win me round, his match on Raw against Bourne had the potential to be a classic.


Festus - He high-fived me as he was walking backwards up the entrance ramp at the Nottingham Arena, my hand was stinging so much i thought he`d broken it.

A guy who undergoes a transformation when the bell rings. Can the gimmick survive with no-one there to "control" him or should they just re-invent him?

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One big thing going for Evan Bourne is having the backing of Triple H. Stephanie listens to him and in turn Vince. Randy Orton not trying to bury him on Raw was a good sign.


I think Kofi vs Evan is a US Title series in the throws of happening. If it happens at Night Of Champions, expect these two to cut loose.

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The first thing I would like to see is the reduction of PPV's there are just waaaay too many!! I am of the old school and really loved the old ECW not this mamby pamby stuff! Although I appreciate and understand the stuff they did years ago they couldn't do now as you do have to look after people and just letting them abuse the bodies like that is much a no, no!


Swagger - I like him, he has good mat skills but weak on the mic so for me time will tell on this one.

Morrisson - Like everyone else he's the new HBK and I think he will do really well, can carry being a heel or face really well.

DH Smith - I think he will come in his own in time. Very good on the mic (seen him prior to joining the WWE years ago) given a bit of time he will have a belt soon at a guess it will be tag team gold for the moment.

Benjamin - fantastic wrestler but he will never raise anything more than ECW belt. I personally see the ECW as the new training ground for the new wrestlers. If they are cack its no biggy but if they excel they can be moved on and up.

Rhodes - good on the mic given time and if he bulks up a bit he will rise through the ranks.

Dibiase - when he eventually turns face will be the BIG test for him. If he can carry it off well he will do alright in the WWE.

Evan Bourne - great wrestler I just hope they don't push him down the same avenue as Ray Mysterio as i'm not mad keen on him. I can't help think he got the push that he did get when the late great Eddie passed away. For me WWE seen this as a way to exploite the passing of someone.

John 'one move' Cena - not a great wrestler, uf he didn't sell merchandise so well he wouldn't be doing so well.

Fetus - he will be used for a while but will be dropped. It just looks like a repacked Eugene kinda thing that will run its cause and fade away.



Just a thought in regards to the Legacy, what about Joe Henning? I haven't seen him wrestle but isnt he on a development contract with WWE? Not sure how well he's doing or how far down the line he is to making an appearance on tv.

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