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  1. Having attended London Film and Comic Con since the first event at the Wembley Exhibition followed by many years going to Earls Court 2 (including the not so good year in very dark Earls Court 1) I must say I really like Olympia. I had not attended Comic Con for a few years and had not been since the move from Earls Court, but decided to come this year due to Richard Dean Anderson and Jason David Frank. I think that Olympia is the best layout for such an event with separated areas, while yes there is room for improvement in terms of photo areas being together, it’s a great venue. I see many people are saying that Showmasters “oversold” the event and that the venue is not designed for such capacity. Can I just say this is total c**p, there is simply no way the venue, the local council or Showmasters would risk breaking the capacity restrictions, the fines they would risk by doing so would likely mean the end of the company not even taking into account possible law suits! While the venue was busy at times and has its bottlenecks, it was never at any stage dangerous to people. I have been to shows at Olympia before which are much, much busier then Comic Con, the venue is designed to take that capacity. I look forward to them taking over the entire venue next year and growing the show. It has come a long, long way since the first small show I attended at Wembley many years ago.
  2. With a batch 3 I would say you'll be fine doing the morning shoot. With a batch 3 I would say you'll be fine doing the morning shoot. Thanks for the advice.....Been a few years since I have been to this event so very much looking forward to things.
  3. I have a Richard Dean Anderson Sunday Batch 3 Photo shoot. What I am trying to work out is if I would stand a chance of getting the photo at his 09:30 shoot or just better off aiming for the afternoon (15:20) one! I am going to seriously struggle with the afternoon shoot due to a flight late afternoon that I need to catch! So I guess I can aim for the morning and hope it goes quickly! TooTall? Any advice?
  4. Hi Dave Any chance these can be made available to purchase online at all?
  5. Can't wait, looks like this is going to be a good event! Just hoping/praying the prices are not matching the official US cons but Showmasters prices which I am sure they are not OTT if Showmasters are involved.
  6. Broken link for me I am afraid!
  7. Wow they just annoiced the first guest via email: William Shatner Patrick Stewart Kate Mulgrew Scott Bakula Avery Brooks And Showmasters are a official partner with CBS so this is going to be a great event I think! Cant wait to see what ticket prices are! Hopefully in line with normal Showmasters prices.
  8. Dave Thanks for that, preordered yesterday, will pop in post today. James
  9. Is it best to pre-order it via the website and then post the photo off with a receipt or phone first and then send? I think I will send the photo over that I want signed as that way I am sure its what I want.
  10. Just a quick question. I am no longer able to attend Autographica and would like Ed Mitchell autograph, if I was to preorder would I be able to state the type of photo I wanted the autograph on or even better send in the photo I want? Also if I wanted a mission number added would that be classed as a personalisation? Thanks in advanced for any help.
  11. There goes my one reason for coming....but understand his reasons, as would all do the same in his shoes. Best wishes goes out to him and his son.
  12. Quick question, been about a year or so since ive been to a event, and just wanted to check that I can still pay for autographs from the guests on the day of the show before going up to the autograph queue. As Im after the Apollo guests and dont want to care large amount of cash about with me!
  13. Hardcore Justice more like Hardcore Joke!! Must say there was not one thing on that PPV that I enjoyed and I am a massive old school ECW fan, I was even at the ECW arena for the first PPV to watch the hardcord legend Terry Funk win the ECW world title. Now even through I am a fan of the old school I understand things move on, the fact that there was a direct chair shot to the head in this PPV just made me fill sick. In the day maybe, but since the whole Chris Beniot incident and other things this has been a banned move, I dont remember when it was last used in WWE, ROH have come out and said they are going to be banning it so on god earth did Dixie Carter allow it to be done on a TNA PPV!!! I just dont get it! I also love the fact that on Impact you had hogan on screen saying that they all have to make room for the new guys and clear the path!! (Sting, Nash, Bishoff, Jarrett also standing in the ring), as the guy that is booking the show why not get the hell of the screen to make way for the likes of AJ, Beer Money etc etc etc!! Just dont get TNA these days what so ever!! And what ever happened to Joe?? Please leave and go to WWE!
  14. Wow this is a London Film and Comic Con level guest!! Bloody amazing. Any idea on cost of autographs?
  15. Musicmania, nearly forgot about that even apart from Blaze Bailey being a complete legend and by far the biggest guest there! It ranged from Iron Maiden Legend Blaze all the way to S Club 7 member!! Most guests where of the S Club 7 level guest quality!! Explains why there was never a Musicmania 2. I think it could work through as a zone within Collectormania much as they do now with Sportsmania which also started out as its own event.
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