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  1. I know of many people who have said the same, but where Predators was excellent, and Eclipse not so. I guess it is down to personal tastes.
  2. Torres was walking a lot better during the celebrations. Hopefully it was just a tweak, otherwise he would not have been walking unaided. Aside from the non-sending offs...the only thing that Webb got wrong as giving a goal kick when two Spanish players clearly touched the ball from a Dutch free kick - it was that way or the other, can't remember.
  3. One World Cup Winner's Medal...and the imprint of a boot on the chest. Not a bad haul for Xabi Alonso!!
  4. How there are still 22 players on the pitch is beyond me. Should be 10 Spanish and 9 Dutch at the moment.
  5. The mysterious GM is now slated to be Abraham Washington, whilst the current plans are for Micheal Cole to be revealed as the MASTERMIND behind NXT. This will happen - if it happens - within the next month as Vince may well bring back Bryan Danielson to compete against them following the Nexus group saying that Daniel Bryan had had "regrets" over the initial RAW attack.
  6. Victory Road will see the appearance of the BIG SURPRISE tonight. It will also see the introduction of a new or returning tag team to face Styles and Kazarian.
  7. Howard Webb has created a little bit of footballing history tonight. He is the first referee to take charge of the Champion's League/European Cup and World Cup Finals in the same year.
  8. I must say that this match is excellent.
  9. I think a lot of people went to the preview showings MK. My friend at the local Vue said that Predators was packed, but Eclipse wasn't. I guess Predators is a big film that is a long time in the coming. However, Eclipse is the third in a series of films in a short period of time.
  10. I am actually pulling for Germany as Suarez is playing for Uruguay and that was blatant cheating versus Ghana.
  11. Although not a done deal. Paul Heyman has indicated that he will go to TNA for the right money. TNA have already begun the ECW angle, and Heyman is the BIG THING that Dixie Carter said was coming.
  12. Today's updates: 1. Christian has begun a Heel Turn. 2. Swagger is being turned into a version of Kurt Angle as a Heel. 3. Triple H will not be back until the last few months of the year after recently under going surgery. 4. TNA have offered Bryan Danielson a contract that would start after his NO-COMPETE 90 clause is up. Rumour is that he will return to the WWE to face off against The Nexus as Michael Cole will be the HIGEHR POWER behind them. 5. Ezekiel Jackson is the front runner to be the one who destroyed the Undertaker. 6. The second season of NXT appears to be down to 3 or 4 players. Front runner is Husky Harris, follwed by Michael McGillicutty, Kaval and Alex Riley. That is all.
  13. And the British Davis Cup team are close to victory..Yes, you did read that correctly..Victory.
  14. And England are in the final....as the Referee!!!
  15. Wonders if Michael McGillicutty will keep his PERFECT record on NXT?
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