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  1. nice to have bumped into you at the con dude :0) glad your smiling as ever! keep it up dude!
  2. heh nice to know i am not completely forgotten here thanks to Tallie for liking my name! I also miss the bowling night, it was HobbitofDorsetshire who used to organize it :) but i think it just got either to complex or something and it stopped happening. well i am up for a few drinks at the city somewhere in the evening with the free coaches from Cmania it shouldnt be too much out the way we could go to a wetherspoons and gossip about old times
  3. hey guys just wondering if anybody is planning any kind of get together at collectormania one of the evenings? as ive been off this forum for a long time i thought it would be nice to TRY and catch up with everyone and see how life has treated you all. i'd really like to see you all again, so if there's anything going on let me know. got lots of news to share
  4. Hope you all don't get too sick! MMMM yummingtons currently typing on this fear the scary hollow chocolate bunnies of the Apocalypse hope i see you all at the end of may :)
  5. Think he was scared id drink him under the table again lol shame he didnt come!
  6. Giant Gundam Robot! fear the actuall coolness of real life mecha!
  7. well he's done as well as Tim Henman did so far at wimbledon, yes he's 100x the player henman ever was, but he still seams to go to peices at the big game, he lost his temprement so much during the rodic game the other day, he reached the us open final which no natrual british person has done for ages (gregg got there but he's kinda canadian) he's won a lot of the master series stuff which is good, and he's rightly the 3rd in the world. he's got the game to go to the very top, but he just needs to just not crack at the last hurdle. Federer will demolish Rodic so dont worry, it would have been great to see if Andy could keep his great record against Roger up in a high pressure game, but alas we must yet again wait untill next year.
  8. your right it does seam a tad worrying for the future of WWE, TNA has all the hot young tallent in its X-Division (which is the best wrestling on tv at the moment imho) I agree that Benjamin deserves better than midcard, but really if he went to tna now he would prolly end up in the x-division, with tnas stupid storyline atm which is basicly WCW storylines re-hashed, the problem is that at the moment WWE are not really buidling anyone up to be that next main eventer, and for the next few years i cant see it changing really when you have John i sell merchandice so i must win always Cena (i dont know how old he is but he looks like he could go for a good 5 years or so) Tripple H (he will only get out of the spotlite in a coffin basicly over his dead body) Randy i can be as much of a **** backstage as i like but still keep my job Orton (good 10 years left in him) they are the main players at the moment, Undy comes in and out as he pleases but he's earned that, just below them we have people like Jerricho, Edge, Hardy then theres another level Jerricho is a proffessional and will put people over, ive never read anything about the other 2 tryin to hold people back from pushes if i was Vince for the day this is what id do reduce the amount of diva matches, yes they fill the role of "match you go to the toilet or get food in" so i wouldnt cut them out completly get rid of dead weight on the roster who havnt done anything and arnt likley to do anything offer as much money as it would take to get AJ Styles & Samoa Joe and if he'd go Cristopher Daniels Push John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin, cut the stupid ppvs that no one cares about, or atleast revamp them to be more interesting build someone up to Cena Levels then have a awsome Face/Face feud like Rock Austin (obviously these guys are 10 x greater than cena will ever be but you get my point)
  9. Yet again Mr Murry screws up the big game, the last big game he had prior to queens ( which i dont class as big ) he got demolished by federer in the US open final. he really needs to sort out his shots i saw 2 or 3 where he just hit the ball too hard and he tried to hit it too hard and it flew out, on the other side rodic was playing out of his skin, and Murry just couldnt counter his power. Federer will demolish Rodic in the final and claim the most grandslams ever won by one person and will cement his place as the best player ever to play tennis
  10. hey shabsy, decided to pop out of forum retirement to say hey to you on your own special thread, wow its still here even after all this time, thanks for being the only one to actually come and say hey to me when i was lurking at MKDons Stadium, and thanks for the compliments on my waistline, it most defiantly has shrunk some more since then. I hope i can see you again sometime my friend, keep smiling and keep the faith. Much Love Hero
  11. nice but would much prefer the girl who was sadako in the japaneese original... somthin about that long black hair... oh my!
  12. haha awsomes! HEEEE YYYAAAA as anyone who has seen the funzo eppisode of the simpsons will remember him for
  13. "What's in Mexico?" "Mexicans" Dusk Till Dawn Messenger "this is madness!!" Leonadis " this IS Sparta!!" kickintoholeofdoom 300 Graham Chapman "I didnt expect some kind of spanish inqusition" Micheal Palin burstingthrodoorwithloudnoise " NOOOOBODY Expects the Spanish Inqusition"
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