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Happy Birthday Mark


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No he's bloody not :(


And in no way am I saying that because I'll be the same age in 22 days time :whistling:


Anyone that doesn't know Mark he's a member of our crew that is usually off at odd hours in the morning and night driving our guests to and from the events, but is also always there during the day to do anything asked of him. It's one of those thankless jobs that the public never sees...


So thank you Mark and Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day.


PS: I still remember the first time I saw your forum name and read it as "The One Ring To Rule The Mall" and I thought it was a really funny pun on Collectormania being held in the shopping centre. Then I realised :(

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Sorry it's late, this clearly happened over my 'not gonna happen again' internet-less weekend lol....hope you had an amazing day Mark, and lots of Bob and Steve love! :YAHOO:

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