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  1. Jean-Claude Van Damme £45 - Don't think I'd be bothered whatever the price. Chris Pine £55 - Would love to get him, but not at this price. Ian Holm £45 - Definitely. Dolph Lundgren £45 - Not sure. More of a bargain though compared to JCVD. Christopher Eccleston - £35 Already met him so highly doubt I'd pay this. Karl Urban £55 - Would meet him, but not at this price. Sean Bean £40 - Yes. And a bargain too, especially considering the others in this poll. Zachary Quinto £75 - Would love to meet him, but it's a definite no from me at this price. Orlando Bloom £65 - Again would have to be full signature, and not be a quick in out. If so then yes.
  2. Me and my fiancee had this happen to us. We lost a tesco reusable bag with stuff in it, but I wont say what here. Apparently a security guard said it was handed in. When asking though noone knew where it was. Phoned again monday for the same response more or less. Possibly a case of lost property getting lost again. So I like the way pocketninja is going about it.
  3. Yesss!!! I've been waiting ages for you to get him back. Can now get him on my Threshold cast shot already signed by Carla Gugino and Rob Benedict
  4. Hoping to meet as I can only make Monday due to poxy work not giving me the weekend off... David Blue Michael Hogan Ray Park Robert Patrick
  5. I'm still yet to get my refund for this photoshoot too.
  6. Bumping this as right now he's a big possibility to get hold of for an event. Spoke to him on FB too and said he'd be up for an event.
  7. Because they got thrashed
  8. Cameroon just didn't turn up. I have no idea why Eto'o was played wide. It showed too that he didn't want to be there. A team with issues and it's gonna cost them.
  9. Alison Mack, Erica Durance, Summer Glau
  10. Don't think green should be there, let alone first choice. Would've picked Robinson ahead of him as the third keeper. He had a great season with Blackburn, where as the same can't be said with Green. I question a fair few of Capello's picks. Said he was going to go with form, but feel he's gone with reputation. there's no natural left sided player for crying out loud. England should still qualify, but Slovenia could be a worry. Can't believe people have forgot who they beat to be at these finals!
  11. Amen to that. Laura would be great along with anyone else from either V or Smallville. I love both programmes.
  12. Yes. We definitely need Vampire Diaries guests over here. It is one of the better new shows of today. Any of the cast would be great. Please please please
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