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  1. Hi :-) that was me! Thank you, it was a pleasure... very funny and lots of fun which is what it's all about. You took the responsibility very well too lol, even though you were technically replaced as the last man standing in the queue! Sorry to hear about some of your experiences but glad ultimately you had great ones and would go again. Hope your bridge photo was brilliant :-)
  2. Couldn't agree more, it's all in my signature And since we're getting Tom Skerritt for LFCC, that just leaves the two amazing actors I'd love to meet. Autographica would be perfect for their calibre too (though I'd be happy if they attended any of the shows!)
  3. Another brilliant guest! Amazing. Very happy, can't wait
  4. Fantastic news, brilliant guest and as people have said lovely man. Looking forward to this even more
  5. Goodness, don't know how I nearly missed this but great news So great to have him back after so long, fantastic guest and lovely funny man, very missed. Awesome.
  6. Yes I do and yes, this will be a bit of a different experience! Can't wait
  7. Amazing! Great announcement Met him once before somewhere else *erhem* the only time he ever did an appearance in UK, but frankly this is beyond awesome anyway. Well done SMs!
  8. Loved the old meet-ups, memories... Wrong date for me though, already booked up. Look forward to the next one...have fun!
  9. Dear God *looks again at the line-up* mostly my dream line-up right there! And I'll have no compunctions about taking out a loan either lol. Good luck with any and all of them
  10. I know I've said this elsewhere, but she really was everything you guys have said and more! Lovely, warm, funny and just a wonderful person all round, she loved meeting everyone and was worried about everyone else being cold a pleasure all round.
  11. Michelle was lovely wasn't she, an amazing lady all round
  12. Thanks Indio, that's lovely, so glad to hear about the photo with Ernie, who was an amazing guest and a lovely man. Same with Leslie who loved meeting everyone, a privilege all round to work with both and see people have a great time, always makes me smile and definitely what the shows are about (for me and the rest of the crew!)
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