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  1. Is this the quickest a scedule has gone up for an ET?
  2. https://facebook.com/profile.php?id=371744946295475 Here you go Yvie
  3. Excited for everyone who's going especially the Thursday to Monday die-hards who really won't be missing a thing!!
  4. I think a hint that an announcement was on the horizon would be awesome right now. A nice little moral boost 😜
  5. What G said, great guy, awesome laugh. Very gracious to the fans!!
  6. JCB Billy Burke Maggie Grace Anyone really. Not fussed ... Although I draw the line at cat man :-)
  7. No thank you. If it weren't for the Twilight cons many of us fans wouldn't have met. We're all so happy you are bringing us all together again. Looking forward to your announcement in the new year cx
  8. Can I just say that Cassie Clare is one of the most accomodating authors I have ever met and likes to please the fans as she considers herself one of them. Never met such a likeable person! Great on JCB doing some signings - not that I'll be there but it's great for those who will be!
  9. Well she's completely too pretty .. think I'l stand away from her, like in another city altogether
  10. Any fan worried that this movie won't live up to the books, take it from someone who was lucky enough to visit the set . . . it's going to be A-MAY-ZING!!
  11. I think most Twilight fans were Buffy fans first and many already attend Hallowhedon however, mixing it up a bit would be fun I think!
  12. New Edition not doing it for you then Skittle?
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