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  1. woohhhoooo first guest announcment exciting - et10 is getting real chaske was a great guest the last time i met him so looking forward to our first guest
  2. Twilight is forever and i am so happy you will bring us another Con After the last Et i tried some other conventions in Europe all rubbish and i am so happy we get another ET weekend This is one of the best xmas gifts
  3. I would love to see Lee Pace Casey La Bow Christian Carmargo Elizabeth Reaser Anna Kenndrick Kellan Lutz Nikki Reed Rachelle Lefevre
  4. I want to say a big big THANK YOU to all who made all the Eternal Twilights such wonderful and funfilled weekends The both weekends in February and October were defintily 2 highlights of the past years. I met some of my best friends at your conventions and had such good times and will treasure the memories forever. I don't regret a singel Euro i spent for Tickets Flights or anything it was worth everything ME gives us some special weekends - and i know what i am talking about i was at other cons too for twilight and this is no comperhansion ME are the best and i hope there will be some twilight guest at their otehr events too because i am really sad to think i can go back to an ET in October ;( All the best to the whole ME crew !!! You all did an amazing JOB!!!!!
  5. I have to say I am not really interested in TV Shows and otehr fandoms - I like some other fantasy books who will turned into a movie but i have no need to meet the cast or anything BUT i am so happy about the idea that there will be a combined con so we have the chance to meet some more of the twilight cast. Only thing i am worried is that a gold ticket would not be worth it for me if it is like the et cons because if i am only interested in pics and autographs of a few but i really loved the front seats and the drinks recepion I really hope there will be maybe some different tickets maybe Gold and you can book gold for all, and then maybe gold for speciic fan domes or anything like that so people who not interested in all guest can use a gold one as well
  6. oh it is a pity she was the only guest i haven't met before but it is good she has to work and i am sure we will have a blast with the others cn not wait to see rami in the talks he was soooooo nice at the premiere in LA
  7. thanks for the update! i am so happy that the event isn't cancelled and about the wonderful line up more guests are always great but i am over the moon with the ones who are announced already THANKS SO MUCH FOR GIVING US ONE LAST TWILIGHT EVENT!!!
  8. oh that is sad i soooo loved this events but i also had a feeling at ET8 when you ask that and 80% say yes that most of them have their own rules and want big names to attend. Maks me sad because the line up is fab. Lots of people wrote they have not the money and it was to close No matter what i can not wait for et9 to have a fab weekend can not wait to see what ME has planned for us AND A BIG THANKS FOR NOT CANCELLING THE EVENT!!!!
  9. oh i love the idea of a pub quizz night this will work even when we are not that many like on the fridays and saturdays can not wait roll on february
  10. yeahhhhh big big thank youuuuuuu first for bringing us another ET even if Et8 was supposeed to be the last one (and i am still hoping for ET 10 ) and the guests are amazing my faves are Rami and Casey THANK SO MUCH. Met lots of the Denalis in LA but not Casey so this is my perfect announcement. Will book gold ticket today and flights tomorroe ET 9 here we come again then as long as tehre will be an ET i will be there
  11. after all this great guest announcement I really hope there will be the opportunity like at ET 8 to buy a group shoot voucher would be awesome to have a photo with all the new vampires together
  12. wohhhhoooo so great he is lovely i can not wait to see him in the talks - sounds like great fun thanks ME
  13. OMG THANK YOU yesterday the announcement of rami ( i met him at the worldpremiere and can not wait to have him in the talks he will be epic) and today Casey OMG THANK YOU!!!!!
  14. awwww so happy about ET 9 after seeing the movie would love to meet casey la bow. lee pace and christian carmago <3 At the LA premiere we met bill and patrick and both are looking forward to ET 9!!! So bring on Christmas that i can order my gold ticket wohhhoooo
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