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  1. thanks for the info most useful. Have to say when I saw Brighton as a venue I wondered on parking too, I went there last year for a weekend and it was nightmare to park there just isn't any around I think it was £25 a day in the ones I could find which is expensive and you had to book way in advance to get a place. A couple of the hotels had a couple of spaces but then its just the meters along the front I could see, I got a friend to drop us in the end as it was too much trouble but even drop offs restricted, was told one of the worst places in the uk for parking by a resident. This is what is putting me off going. I wanted to pop down for a couple of hours but need to get home by a certain time, we have no train in my village anyway so do you know where the car parks are nearby and what the current costs are as I could only find one way out of the town when I looked? many thanks
  2. Yes, the week before was fine, new date less so we're into high summer its expensive in London. When the 23rd was confirmed I and others booked hotels & never expected a date change. To change this will cost £69 more which makes it an expensive day out and I cant afford to do that, i'll lose £100 if I don't go to London the week before but I cant afford both & wont book a hotel again!. Its been very disappointing this year, have been caught out with 3 changes, I try and book early to save but SM keep changing dates and with Hallowhedon cancellation too its not been very good. I didn't really get the whole thing with SDCC, SM should have known about this when they confirmed dates this said I'm not sure not the whole of Hollywood attends do they?,maybe cast of the latest show who may be contracted to promos but if that's all that's going to be invited to LFCC from now on then it wont be for me. We used to have a mixture of guests to suit all age ranges and tastes. I thought last year was very much one sided, ok you had the BTTF franchise if you could afford to see the top guests or into the films, but was the first year there was nobody for me and a few of my friends felt the same. I don't have sky or Netflix so not looking for the guests to all be current. Used to love LFCC when it was at EC, had a wander saw a few guests then went for drinks and dinner etc but with the massive overcrowding and chaos this year will wait to see the line up before I buy a ticket and will be last minute.
  3. David Duchovny has just done a con this last weekend so is there any hope he was too scared and can come to the UK? Would also like to see Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher Phil Glenister and Keeley Hawes Gillian Anderson Cybill Shepherd Linda Hamilton, Ron Perlman Fred Dryer,Stephanie Kramer Tyne Daly, Sharon Gless William Shatner,James Darren,Adrian Zmed, Heather Locklear (though don't think she'll do them) As there is no more Hallowhedon any of the Buffy/Angel cast - especially Alyson Hannigan, Seth Green and David Boreanaz
  4. I think all the hotels around Olympia are onto a good thing with this latest date change, the Hilton was a good deal at £100 and top of my price range but now asking another £70 for the following week which not sure I am willing to pay for a day out. hmmm...
  5. Thanks TerraHawk I will phone the hotel direct tomorrow its the Hilton though and the price is a lot more for the week after. I was lucky early in the year with the move from Cardiff and they did refund me or this would have been the 3rd time this year as lost out on the Winter one too and wont be going at all now. Most of the hotels around Olympia seem to be non refundable now I did try for a free canx one but they don't seem to exist anymore.I've been very unlucky this year but don't have the money to keep losing like this.
  6. Not impressed, the Hilton was a good deal for the 23rd now want an extra £69 to change a week, I wont be doing it.
  7. So the date has changed? I & probably many others have a non refundable hotel so that's another £120 gone, not impressed.. First the Brighton one now this, its not very good this keeps happening. I for one wont be booking any more hotels or tickets for anything until the last minute again as cant afford to lose the money.
  8. Really sad to hear the news Nick was lovely, would always seek him out at events for a chat and he was always no nice and helpful. Will be missed.
  9. A lot of people have gone and booked hotels before the prices went up and these are non refundable. Some hotels are really expensive but if you shop about you can get some good deals but best to book sooner rather than later when they go thru the roof.
  10. Really sad to have this confirmed but cant help but feel like Daniel and others that there was little effort made this year to encourage sales. The fans were here but were awaiting updates and hotel codes after last year which unfortunately never came. I have loved all 6 of these events and will be very sad not to be going this year, it feels like the end of an era but some great memories.
  11. I love Brighton but too far to go unfortunately, so glad I saw this first as was about to book tickets today.Parking is a mare in Brighton too went last year for a weekend its only street parking along the front and little at that from what I saw? I do feel sorry for those who have pre-booked hotels. I cancelled Cardiff this year but I called the hotel direct and they refunded me although it was a non refundable hotel so always worth asking the hotel direct even if you book through a 3rd party. Also If your planning to go to LFCC in the summer and likely to re-use the venue see if you can change the dates as some may let you do this. Worth a go anyway. Good luck!
  12. I was in the area today & mentioned to the hotel we were coming to this event at HW but they tell me they couldn't find a booking for that weekend which I was surprised to hear as surely the reservation was made last year?. ME can you let us know what's going on, is this a mistake, or is this not going ahead in which case can we be informed as I am sure people need to sort their travel plans now as its getting very late.? Many thanks
  13. Looked at Earls court Ibis but as they are knocking everything down round there thought would stay around Olympia, some of the prices are extortionate even for the small rooms. Eventually booked the Hilton Olympia as Hotels.com doing a deal right now for £106 for the Saturday night less than 1/3 of normal price only drawback is you have to pay now but I guess prices are going up not down and wont be able to afford a room if any left next year.
  14. I would love to see Heather and know the "boys" did a T J Hooker con recently in the US. I hear she is actually pretty shy in real life and not aware she has ever done a signing event I know of but I have to say she would def be on my list to meet but not sure she would like the crowds too much. Although I hear she never refuses to sign things for fans when out and about she is very friendly. would love to see the other guys from Dynasty too. I think we need more peeps from older TV shows and not just the current stuff.
  15. Personally speaking I would not like to see LFCC change to only having guests from current shows anyway, other events in the US cover from 70s-current but i did feel this year there were not that many of those for us and I know a lot of people who did not attend for that reason. Aside from the BTTF franchise there were no tv stars from any older shows there at all this time. I do hope there will be a different mix for next years LFCC to cater for all fans not just those of the latest hit as not everyone has access to sky/Netflix. SDCC may be massive but its not like there is a shortage of guests to invite from Hollywood - there are plenty of stars to go round.
  16. There are quite a few still around these as well:-. Fenella fielding Richard O'Callaghan Jacki Piper Dilys Laye Anita Harris Angela Douglas Valerie Lyon Julian Holloway Liz Frazer etc and I bet Barbara Windsor could tell some stories at any event and be a good laugh.
  17. Will go to see James will book later in when we knows who else is going to be there as don't see the point booking on separate orders,hope its not as busy as July as its firework night and got plans in the evening at home,
  18. When Collectormania was in MK we waited 11 hours through the night to see James Marsters.A lot of the fans had been in London with him for a few events he was doing then followed him back to MK but all the tickets were gone by the time most of us got there on the Sunday so we all queued outside the shopping centre overnight people thought we were mad!. We often queued all day at the Carling Academy and the Union Chapel as well for him it was always the done thing then and we had an honour system for keeping spaces. My first lengthy guest queue was David Boreanaz back ion 1999 and it was about 2 1/2 hours round the block at the old Forbidden Planet store and I thought that was a long time- then. I am probably a minority but don't mind queues you meet lots of nice peeps and make new friends, as long as your fed and watered I find it quite fun. My longest ever queue was 14 hours to sign Diana's books of condolence and St James Palace in 1997 now that was lengthy but it didnt seem so long at the time and I camped for 6 days waiting for Princess Charlotte to arrive in May outside St Marys hospital that was a blast so much fun.
  19. for those of us that are not in the loop what dates are for next year and is this confirmed by SM I don't want to look for rooms for it to be changed again?
  20. I have always loved this event too but even I am finding it hard to be excited this year, we have heard zilch for over 7 months now and even die fans have not booked on the guests we have and the lack of communication. You cannot sell tickets on this basis . I have always tried to sell this event to friends and fellow fans and have got quite a few to come to this over the years but no fans cannot be expected to part with money months in advance with nothing .After last year the stops should have been out to entice people back which has not happened. It is a shame if we lose HW I have had so many great times as have many others at this event, its the best time of year for starters and in the beginning it was fantastic, good attendee nos,great guests and the parties were fab but it just seems despite so many comments in recent years the lessons were not learned in terms of communication and pre-organisation.The potential was there for lots of events for many years to come but you need to look after all attendees, we cannot be expected to just show up regardless. It just feels now as if we are not as important as the people who go to signing events and there is no time for conventions which is a shame as these were done very well, once, it just needs time and care and separate people in charge of both ME and SM so that care is taken for all, if you spread staff too thinly someone always loses and it does feel like its the cons right now. I am hoping for the best with this as it will be a vey heavy heart that I let this one go as I love HW.
  21. If you're talking about Kenny, then Star Wars has nothing to do with why he cost more this year.http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=88633&page=1 Hiya no wasn't Kenny Baker had no idea about this one, sorry. My worry is lots of £15 guests are suddenly going to ask for more in future when they see how much top guests can charge which would price a lot out of this event which would be sad for fans who do not have huge amounts of money.
  22. As it was a lot of people were priced out meeting MJF and SW due to the cost as it was and quite honestly for the small time you get at a signing event its a lot to find but these have always been like this you get your auto and move on its very much a conveyer belt. If you attend a weekend convention you may be luckier if they are in the bar at night then you can have a proper chat but you cant buy xtra time with guests. Events are no longer cheap to attend the entrance in itself has gone up 120% for those who cant arrive before 11 and I noticed one guest who's been before who's fee was more than on an earlier due to the franchise but I thought we were told would not happen with these new passes. I know its down to demand but people do not have endless money to throw around i know quite a few who feel they are being priced out already as no way could they afford hundreds to attend with gold and diamond passes and it does feel your being milked for everything. Now it seems photos at tables seem to be stopping in favour of getting you to pay for a photo shoot as well which is more cost as well. I know I shall consider if I can afford to keep going even I don't want to see anyone as just getting to London and inside is quite a lot now so I hope this does not get out of control.
  23. When you have thousands of people trying to get into the venue the last thing you need is an ID check its not going to be viable and quite honestly a lot of people don't have photo id or wish to carry it to these events I know I wouldn't. So if we are looking at ID/Passports names etc what happens if someone buys you tickets in their name and you turn up and cant get in as your name isn't on the ticket - it wont work and this is going too far. You'll never eradicate people selling things on for profit A point to remember is that dealers attend these shows with the intention of collecting autos and reselling for big profit should this be frowned on as well? At the end of the day people should not be silly enough to pay for these tickets but everything has a market look at how much people pay for football tickets etc, equally the sellers ( if they genuinely cannot attend) should be selling at cost. Personally I have given away tickets free to friends for events I cannot attend in the past, & its not illegal on ebay to resell tickets.Not sure you'll ever stop it totally this is a problem that's been unsold for decades . Look at concerts, sporting events & certainly Wimbledon etc all being resold at inflated prices you cant stop them either and how many of us have bought from Ticketmaster or complained about the fee charges from Eventbrite this year?. I don't think we need to go over the top with this though or this will equally put people off coming if its going to be too draconian in future for the sake of a few individuals . We need a buy back system simple, a lot of people cannot afford to lose money if they cannot go and this would stop a lot of this reselling going on but not sure we need a witch hunt here.
  24. Not really a surprise people are doing this is it, personally I wont pay prices for photos and autos as it is for some guests as too high!? I am in favour of a resell site run by Eventbrite / SM whereby you give back your tickets and they resell them at cost (with no extra charges from anyone including SM) to other fans if the event sells out that way the person unable to attend gets their money back and someone who missed out gets to go so a win win. I am sure tickets for events in every genre from sport to concerts and media have been resold for years over the market value so not sure how you can stop this totally but you can cut it down if you give the fans a way to at least get their money back if a reason is genuine for not attending as many just simply cannot afford to lose money but equally not sure its very ethical to overcharge at these prices just for entry seems bizarre to me that people bid.
  25. this sounds good, count us in - just 2. see you there,
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