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  1. Is it me or did this year's event seem to be one of the highest attended Collectormania's of recent times? Does anyone have any approx. crowd numbers for the two days?
  2. bunnywarren

    Post-CMK blues

    I didn't see any fliers this time advertising for next years CM:MK. You normally find them on the photoshoot booking table. Any ideas why?
  3. bunnywarren

    Guest Cancellation - Jimmy Bullard

    I think that the early bird tickets were a waste of time altogether now. I paid for two tickets for both days on the expectations of what showmasters had announced in previous posts.
  4. bunnywarren

    Guest Cancellation - Jimmy Bullard

    Another one bites the dust! And the LFCC get even MORE!
  5. bunnywarren

    Guest Cancellation - Erin Richards

    Not everyone is going, wants to go or can even afford to go to LFCC. I'm going to this one, I like going and I can afford to go, like a lot of other people too, I just feel so let down by Showmasters on this occasion. I love this event. The first time I went was the last time CM:MK was held in the shopping centre. I'm not very active on the form only recently because I was so looking forward to this one being that the winter one had been cancelled and at that event I was going to be treated to as many autos and photoshoots as I wanted plus a stay at the Doubletree for my up-coming 50th birthday from my wife. The only thing still happening for me, so far, is a stay at the Doubletree. Sorry for any negative posts.
  6. bunnywarren

    Who are you meeting at Collectormania ?

    Hopefully some fantastic cosplayers to make up for the lack of fantastic guests.
  7. bunnywarren

    Guest suggestions

    2nd alien from the left standing behind a famous character in one scene, (blink and you'll miss him). Sorry, they're the guests Showmasters already book for Collectormania! More BIG names for London have been booked, NOTHING FOR CM:MK. Either get guests people would really like to meet or just cancel CM:MK 24 NOW!
  8. bunnywarren

    Guest suggestions

    This post can stay on but mine gets taken off!
  9. bunnywarren

    Guest suggestions

    More guests announced for other con's, look's like no more for us.
  10. bunnywarren

    Guest Cancellation - Derek Jacobi

    Totally agree, two on the bounce (CM:MK 22 + 23 = ?)
  11. bunnywarren

    Guest Cancellation - Derek Jacobi

    You might as well cancel the Dons stadium and hold the event in a boxing ring!
  12. Thanks, it's one of my all time favourite films. Will have to take something with me for him to sign, don't think there will be a photo at the table?
  13. Does anyone know what Colin did in An American Werewolf In London?
  14. bunnywarren

    Guest suggestions

    Three new announcements eh! Compared to what LFCC are getting it must all be in the 'eye of the beholder'