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  1. Hallowhedon has been one of my favourite weekends events since it's inception. After a great start, the last few years have seen a decline in the number of guests and the number of attendees. SM/ME just don't seem to put any effort into this event anymore. Despite this, i still absolutely love this weekend. After attending LFCC the weekend as a gold pass holder, we were given a tote bag with dates of future SM/ME events up to July 2016. Hallowhedon doesn't appear on the bag. Nor does it appear in the programme. Rumour has it that less than 30 tickets have been sold, and with no new guest announcement since 16 Dec 2014, it's hardly surprising if this is true. So my question stands. Is this show still going ahead?
  2. Sorry if this has been posted before. I got up to page 10 and didn't see any references. I've only got two photo shoots on the Sunday, but my Michael Traynor shoot is slap bang in the middle of the Sigourney Weaver diamond talk, and it's his only photo shoot of the day. No disrespect to Michael, but i'm not going to leave Siggy's talk to have my photo with him. Can i swap this over for one of his photo shoots on Friday or Saturday?
  3. Hey Wrong Name and QS, Thanks for all the info but is there a problem with the Event-brite shop? I've never had problems with any of my previous orders getting the fee added, but with the Siggy order and another one i made just now, clicking the e-ticket validation box doesn't add the fee to my order. I know i'll get another email in a week to add it, but is there a problem, or is it just my laptop.
  4. Hey Wrong Name. I did initially add the fee so not sure why it wasn't on the final total. Many thanks for clearing it up.
  5. Hello, I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before, but do we have to pay the e-ticket validation fee on diamond passes if they are physically sent out? I booked a Bill Paxton dp along with a photo shoot of Kelly Hu, and paid the fee due to there being a photo shoot in the order. When i ordered the Sigourney dp only, i wasn't sure whether to pay it or not but clicked yes as i just wanted to confirm the order and get it paid, not sure how fast they would sell out. When the order was confirmed, no validation fee had been added and i assumed that the system realized that the order contained no actual e-tickets, only a diamond pass. I have now received an email asking for the validation fee to be paid. Is this correct, that even orders only consisting of diamond passes still need to have the fee paid? Would just like to know for when i book my next diamond pass.
  6. I'm not a member and I'm logged in? (Logging off now)
  7. I don't have access to a scanner so I would be relying on the barcodes on my smartphone or kindle. My query is the WiFi connection in the building. Last year at LFCC, EE couldn't cope with the demand and kept crashing. I am on O2 and nine times out of ten when I tried to make a call or send a text, I had no signal whatsoever. Therefore, if this was to happen again this year I would not be able get onto the internet to access my emails and have my barcodes scanned. What procedure would SM have in place then if this should happen?
  8. Thanks for that QS.You put my mind at ease. I was worried i would have to buy £100's of vouchers in advance.
  9. At all previous SM events I've attended, you could always pay with cash or vouchers at the guests autograph tables, but I've heard a rumour that from this year's summer event, it will be vouchers only. Can a mod or someone from SM confirm or deny this. Thanks.
  10. I had an amazing week-end as always. I expect every year to get bigger and busier and i psych myself up for this and it was as i expected it to be. Thanks Jason for the honest and frank appraisal of the week-end. With the event now growing at an unprecedented rate, i agree that Saturday and probably Sunday should be limited to pre-sales only. No walk-ins allowed. That way, you can comfortably set the limit inside the building and eliminate the chaos outside the building. I also agree that the Friday should be a full day. It would be so much easier for alot of people and alleviate some of the stress of trying to cram so much into two days and a few hours on the Friday. I have no problems with the exclusive packages for A-list guests. As a regular gold pass buyer, would the gold pass still get you the privileges of joining the A-list autograph queue without a vq and priority in the photo shoots, or would i also have to buy the exclusive package on top of the gold pass? Also, word on the street is that with the gold, comic gold and comic silver passes, there were anywhere between 800 - 1000 of these at the week-end. No wonder alot of the standard entry tickets couldn't get their autographs done. This desperately needs to be scaled back to the 150 limit that it used to be. Much fairer for everyone in attendance.
  11. Sorry if this has been covered in full. I read the first 8 pages and the general consensus is that photo shoot tickets this year were not being allowed to be changed to what usually was the quieter Friday. Is this a hard and fast rule or can the Organiser's desk make exceptions. On the Saturday, i have 7 (seven) shoots within an hour, and even with a Gold pass, i find this may be impossible to do. I have Casper Van Dien at 16.05, Jamie Bamber at 16.15 and T.J Thyne at 16.40. Then it gets interesting with Dina Meyer at 16.55, Jenna Coleman at 17.00, James Edward Olmos at 17.00 and then Helen Slater at 17.05. Then a 15 minute break before Natalie Dormer at 17.25. I gotta go between shoot areas E and B for the Starship Trooper guests and the BSG guests , but then also to areas F, C and D aswell. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  12. Received my photo shoot tickets today for WLFCC and Collectormania.
  13. Continuing with the 80's theme, i would love to see Tanya Roberts (not been over since 2003) Erika Eleniak (last saw at Collectormania in 2005) Elvira (last saw at LFCC in 2005) Barbara Crampton Sybil Danning Lea Thompson (again, she was so sweet last time) Phoebe Cates Joan Severance Jacqueline Lovell Ann Dussenberry Deborah Shelton Morgan Fairchild Caroline Munro All oldies but goodies
  14. Thanks for posting the code and link, It works perfectly. Room booked.
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