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  1. I suffer with ME/CFS... might have a look into that though... thanks The signal in the NEC is brilliant... even managed to FB live during DST last year :) Kriss :)
  2. Can you still buy online so no queuing? only asking as I can't stand for a long time :)
  3. Can we buy photoshoots on the day? and use our phones for the tickets? Kriss :)
  4. Hi guys Do we get schedules posted for these events... and if so when? I am coming on the Saturday only and would like to get a photo shoot with Michael but need to know when as will get there late on Saturday... :) Kriss :)
  5. This is the link to the NEC event page. Full details of where we will be and helpful links for those who have never been before :) http://www.thenec.co.uk/whats-on/collectormania/ Hope this helps. Kriss :)
  6. DST will be on BBC Breakfast this morning!
  7. Yes there will be... http://www.thenec.co.uk/visiting-us/facilities
  8. Another stupid question... will they have photos for us to buy for signing? or does a free photo come with the one signature?
  9. Was just wondering as I can't say I have seen them anywhere... :D
  10. Question to add on... why hasn't Adam been announced as an actual guest yet... or should I say as a confirmed guest as most know he announced it on his twitter account
  11. Ok nothing for prop photo shoots... are they just open throughout the weekend?
  12. Very silly question a printed copy of the timetables will be available in the pack won't they? Like at the Chevron's?
  13. Here is the link if you want it http://destinationstartrek.com/visiting/timetables
  14. It all goes on how much they charge for appearance that then shows in how much is charged for photo ops etc... Bill has always been high... even at Collectormania I think it was :) Kriss :)
  15. I would say either email or phone the hotel they will be able to tell you a lot quicker :)
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