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  1. ha ha thank-you!! Slightly obsessed with the show Cant wait to get started, I haven't even got one signature yet! LOL xx
  2. ha ha no, I have some empty shot gun shells, so once they are signed, each one is going in a frame with a tiny pic of the character, and a shotgun...with 'in case of zombies - break glass' on it LOL Yep...huge geek XD Norman cancelled at a con is the US the other day, my friend was going to see him, but he wasn't there, I made a cake of Daryl Dixon and she was going to show him a pic I hope he is a man of his word and comes back this year xxx
  3. I have some shotgun shells that Ive kept in my cupboard since last year waiting for Walking Dead characters!!! ha ha Just waiting for one more to be announced and Ill be on that train! lol
  4. OOOOO good one!!! I would love to meet Jessica Lange and Evan Peters!!
  5. For me it would be: any TWD character (the more the better!) Warwick Davis Bruce Campbell Sean Astin Josh Brolin Jeff Cohen Bill Murray ha ha xx
  6. OOO I would love more TWD people. I don't currently have plans to come, but if a few of those got announced I totally would! Fab news Lori was announced, I'm really hoping you could possibly bag some more xxx
  7. Thanks! XD xxx Thanks so much! We had an awesome wedding, cant believe its 6 weeks ago already! xx Thanks!! xx
  8. awww hi!! haha We had a film theme tune quiz at our wedding too....you would have loved it!! LMAO xxx
  9. thanks Rosie!! Just sent you a friend request so I can view it :) Thats very kind of you!! Thanks Red Sonja!! Im very jealous you have met Bruce Campbell!! LOL xx
  10. Bradley Gregg...this dude is awesome! Looking amazing I have to say! The crew member sat with him said WOW...I have seen some themed weddings before, but not like this one!! Bradleys son was also there who got his little camera out to take a picture. As we got a photo with Bradley instead of saying 'say cheese' he said 'everybody say I do!' which made us laugh here whilst he managed to keep a straight face! ^^^ LOL
  11. Here are some pics from me..... A bunch of people who love Freddy Krueger! The slashed Zombie in the middle is Jay (the owner of the page Krueger Kollectables) and im on the far right in yellow :) Mark Patton with his cupcakes!! These were the cupcakes that travelled over 3 hours on 2 different trains lol Mark Patton is the lovely actor who played Jesse in Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Well like any other totally obsessed film stalker I added him on facebook maybe a few years ago now? One day I noticed a picture on his wall....it was a Freddy Cake I had made! So I told him I had made it, and that if he ever came over to the UK I'd have some cupcakes for him :) Well....he finally DID come over the UK...this weekend! It was also his birthday only a few weeks ago. the sugar skull is to represent some of the art he now sells in Mexico, 'he's inside me' is a famous quote from the film, which has been dubbed as the 'first gay horror film' with the amount of not-so subtle references in the film 'Touch me all night long' is the name of the song played in one of my favouirite scenes of the movie when hes dancing in his bedroom. If youre a total mega fan...youll know that wasn't the original that he danced too due to not having enough funding to pay for the original Tina Turner tune he REALLY danced to. Scream Queen, because if youve seen it you will know that he rivals any scream queen from any horror movie ha ha There is no Jesse is the reference to little journal entries Mark recently wrote. and the couple in bed is a very minute small version of a birthday cake he said he wanted.....LOL I presented them to him in which he pulled out HIS camera and asked me to pose for a photo with them ha ha. ha ha his little face makes me laugh XD As soon as I spoke he said : oo your a Lancashire Lass! ha ha...I STILL had to spell out my name. No-one can understand what I say even if they themselves are from the UK ha ha ha ha He is so funny XD He was saying he was jealous of my accent and he had spent time on his mates farm in the lakes where a farmer had continually threatened his dog - but for an entire week he couldnt tell a word he was saying, until he realizes it was : If yer dog, dun't, p*ss owf, am gunna tie it t' mi traaactor and fu**n' kill it!' ha ha ha as we stood up for the photo he let out a loud TRAAAAACCCEY in a spot on Lancashire accent which made us laugh ^^^^ ha ha Robert signing my wedding frame :)
  12. I want picture proof of these pink ones..... LOL
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