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  1. Can someone advise me that by buying a comic silver pass that this will guarantee me an autograph with Stan Lee. On the forum it says: "Comic gold, comic silver, standard gold (up to 300). All these wristbands will have an "SL" on them to denote they provide priority access to the Stan lee queue". Is this correct as I getting mixed messages. Will the silver have SL on it or not? I want to purchase my ticket but showmasters aren't been precise in their answers !!!
  2. hey guys at showmasters little quick query/nigel is there any chance that when setting up for chevron can you look at doing the room and stage lighting a bit differently because you have so much darkness and those big lights on the guests its really hard to get some decent pictures and ive got through so many different types of cameras so i was wondering if you could maybe make the whole room maybe a bit lighter and tone down the stage lights or loss them all together and lay out like the american cons do im not the only one that has this problem with pictures and lighting so id apprec
  3. anybody from the walking dead would be absolutely amazing
  4. Hey guys and girls and showmasters how about getting some of the walking dead cast to come to LFCC me and a load of mates were really disappointed last year when Norman Reedus backed out and ive got some friends that would love a walking dead con even if it was just a one off PLEASE GET SOME WALKING DEAD ACTORS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!!! thanks guys
  5. Biggest pain in the ass ever booking this hotel so much stress website doesnt state bed and breakfast had to ring 4 times to get an answer got transferred to america call centre 3 times before got an answer and going to have to ring in over a week to double check ive got b&b please dont use a hilton again please
  6. it maybe worth getting the admin for the chevron website to update this on the site then cos its very miss leading
  7. can someone from showmasters help me with this code i do it on the internet and its £88 a night on the link published on this forum page not the £72 stated on chevron 8 website i ring up to do it and my call gets transferred to america and no one can understand me can someone advice me with this please
  8. Put the tickets on sale please !!!!
  9. Great to have another guest but only going for Michael not fussed on this con otherwise
  10. Hey guys when are we finding out the last guests for 7.9 Seens as its only a couple of weeks away the suspense is killing me :)
  11. Cheers guys save me time Sunday looking for it thanks :)
  12. where abouts is the gold pass holders queue so i know for sunday ?
  13. can any of the organizers answer this quick question please i have a gold ticket for this weekend but im not attending the convention till the sunday due to work commitments i will be at the convention for sunday at 9am dead more or less but because ive never been to the lfcc before where do i have to go at 9am to get my ticket ? is there a special queue for prebooked or gold tickets and if so where abouts is it so i can go straight there without getting lost or wandering round or getting in the wrong queue thanks alot
  14. what time does the con run till/close on sunday ?
  15. ive sent it to info@showmastersonline.com and info@collectormania.com so im covered
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