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  1. my ticket g005 arrived today thanks very happy can start getting excited now
  2. Very cool looking forward to this event even more now
  3. thanks for posting the code I tried to book over the phone and was told that this is only an internet code and cant be used over the phone but I got them to take my booking after a bit of waiting for the agent to talk to someone so i'm happy
  4. looking forward to this all ready so glad I got my ticket at the last event
  5. I'd love lucy lawless or some one from once upon a time but I am sure it will be a great guest no matter what
  6. an interesting idea this could be a lot of fun
  7. the same for me I am looking forward to LFCC and counting the days till 8.3
  8. some cool photos I love your photo with david
  9. some great pictures thanks for posting
  10. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152925948060892.1073741863.722295891&type=1&l=9f2ff36750 here's a link to the first few of my photos I will repost when I have edited and colour corrected but I thought id just get a few up if any one is interested I hope this works as I have never tried this before
  11. i would also like to add my thanks to everybody, I had a great time and I would like to agree with girlingray's comments above
  12. mine has arrived no just have to book my train
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