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  1. Chris Heyerdahl and Cliff Simon. Pretty please!
  2. A fantastic mix of guests, I've not laughed so much at a Chevron ever (and I've been to them all!). Amanda was amazing, such a wonderful guest, and together they were so incredible. From Robin's trousers (or lack of!) at the auction, to Tom in tears talking about his theatre work, it was such an interesting mix. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Thanks to all - it was brilliant Bring on 7.9!
  3. Very excited now. Am packed and ready to go! It's gonna be hard concentrating at work tomorrow (I pity the 32 kids that have to put up with me), but as soon as that bell goes at 3:35, I'm off down the motorway! See you all there!
  4. Only three days. I'm already packed!!
  5. Down to 25 days! Can't believe when I started this countdown, there were 145 days to go, my how time flies!
  6. more peeps i haven't met before :) Me neither. Always a good thing (although meeting a few a familiar faces again is pretty good too - especially when they've brought along a macho mind reading monkey!!)
  7. Just wanted to say a big thank you. As ever, it was ace. Brilliant guests, great organisation, nice to meet up with some very familiar faces, as well as getting to know some new ones! I think Chico will stay with me for a very long time - one of the best parts of the con! Back home already, unpacked, waiting for take out to arrive, looking forward to 7.8! xxxx
  8. jenab103


    Yep, us too. If I hadn't called them on a different matter earlier tonight, I wouldn't have found out till I tried to check in tomorrow!
  9. Didn't have a message on my phone, but as luck would have it, I rang them to change our booking from 3 people to 4 earlier tonight, and that's when I found out! Stayed at the Ibis the last time Chevron was in Northampton, and there were no problems. Yes, it's a few minutes walk away, but we are getting drinks vouchers as an apology and we can still have breakfast at the Park Inn and use all their facilities. I was told to use the Park Inn car park too, as they won't charge us, whereas the Ibis will. What else is gonna go wrong, I ask myself?! Actually, I don't care. Been to
  10. That would be 14 days! This time in two weeks we'll be there. O, M and most definitely G.
  11. 135! I'd forgotten that there's an official countdown on the website, but for those people like me who bypass the website and come straight here, I'm gonna plough on regardless. It keeps me busy!
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