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    Staying at the Hilton

    I really want to stay at the Hilton, but I haven't bought my ticket for ET5 yet, as I need to ask parents etc. Anyone know how quickly/if the Hilton has already run out of rooms? Thanks muchly :) x
  2. aliceyarr

    Staying at the Hilton

    Thank you all for your help! ^.^ I was at the Hilton for ET3, and just found it such a massive help. If I was to go to ET5, I really would want to stay there. Means you can party literally all night long x) I hope I'll be able to convince the rents in time. The ET events are always so awesome
  3. Voted Robert, Xavier and Chaske :) Xavier would be wonderful. I'd kind prefer neither of the top three to come though...I think it'd be too mental. AAAHHH so stoked for ET5!
  4. aliceyarr

    Team Bower!

    Love the name. I am happy to help out with anything. You have my Twitter. It's AliceYarr.
  5. Yeah, that's us Thanks for the pictures. Ahh thanks, gotta rep the Victoria love (: Everyone thought we were idiots and had got the parties wrong lol.
  6. A few people asked for pictures, just wondered if they were on here.
  7. aliceyarr

    Favourite moments?

    Meeting Jamie. By far the most amazing experience of my life. And him calling me a goddess :) And him answering my question and talking directly at me during the talk :*)
  8. aliceyarr

    John Henson - Costume Collection

    John was amazing! We pinkie swore we would be Best Friends Forever xD
  9. aliceyarr

    Jamie Campbell Bower

    I agree, that was so lovely of him. Ohhh he is just so WONDERFUL <3
  10. Thank YOU so much. Once again you seem to have gotten it just spot on. The venue, the guests, the parties, everything just fitted perfectly. Can I personally thank you for booking Jamie. You have actually made one of my dreams come true, letting me meet him. Thank you so much (:
  11. aliceyarr

    Charlie Bewley

    Charlie was so funny at ET3. When he spoke French I kind of melted inside :*)
  12. aliceyarr

    Jamie Campbell Bower

    Jamie was AMAZING. I would have glady just had him as the only guest, and I still would have paid all that money. I was kind of obsessed with him and his music before ET3, so to get to meet him and have those kind of experiences was literally a dream come true. Thank you SO SO SO much SM/ME, you have made this crazy girl extremely happy. <333
  13. aliceyarr

    Team Bower!

    Totally Team Bower. A ridiculous amount. He made the entire con for me. I nearly cried when he talked about working with Johnny Depp :') He called me a godess :*)
  14. Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much SM, once again you've done such hard work and I'm sure ET3 will be amazing. <33333
  15. aliceyarr

    The Darling Buds for ET3

    Oh my goodness, that would be FANTASTIC! Cmon SM, you can do it..
  16. aliceyarr

    Latest Guest Announcement: Jamie Campbell Bower

    Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much SM!!!! I can't wait for ET3!!!!
  17. aliceyarr


    Thank you SM! I didn't actually think of her when I thought of who I'd want at ET3, but now you've said it, I'd love to meet her! :)
  18. Me and my friend are going to miss it, although that was our perfect theme. We are GUTTED that we won't be attending, but, alas, college etc. So, we decided to dress up as newborns for the Saturday night party because we had no idea what to wear for the Grad party. Anyone is welcome to join us, but I also wanted to make it clear that we're not idiots, and we didn't get the parties mixed up lol We're just uber badass. So yeah. NEWBORNS FTW.
  19. aliceyarr


    Chaske's hug were amazing! He kissed me on the cheek :*) His laugh was so wonderful! He made me laugh so much, I really hope he comes back to ET3. *Crosses EVERYTHING*
  20. aliceyarr

    Theme Parties

    Civil War - Lacy purple dress (New Orleans , ahem, lady of the night ) Grad Party - Me and my friends are crashing it as Newborns seeing as we're not going to the Sunday party. (:
  21. aliceyarr


    THANK YOU Mark and Jason for the replies, that really helped to put my mind at ease and convince me of how amazing ET3 will be Repeats guests would be AWESOME! Chaske! He will be in the UK around that time hopefully (for some other arrangement). Please, Chaske coming to ET3 would MAKE MY LIFE. Him and Kiowa would be awesome together!
  22. aliceyarr

    Guess the next guest

    JAMIE. I agree. And Billy Burke, seeing as he dropped out of ET2. He owes us lol
  23. aliceyarr

    Party Tunes

    As long as Journey is played like it was at ET2, I will be fiine
  24. aliceyarr

    Fork Graduation ball

    Me and my friend can't go to the Sunday night party, so we have decided (because we are huge newborn fans) to crash the Grad ball as newborns. :) I'm sure you'll be able to see us there.
  25. aliceyarr

    important news for Eternal Twilight 4

    Thank you so much for your help! :)