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  1. jess8619

    Jamie Campbell Bower

    I'd so join a Team Bower! Gotta support my locals! LOL.
  2. jess8619

    Thankyou Massive Events

    Thank you so much! This was my last ET and it definately was amazing. <3 Thanks for all the other cons you do too!
  3. jess8619

    Post your pictures guys

    You can use mine too if you want :)
  4. jess8619

    Post your pictures guys

    oh my god, those are gourgeous <3
  5. jess8619

    Jamie Campbell Bower

    Ahahaha, just had a little laugh to myself about him telling the people in the "cheap seats" to behave. I can remember his face, voice EVERYTHING when he said it. Ahhhh. xD
  6. jess8619

    ET3 DVD a MUST!

    I really hope there is one, as there wasn't one for ET2 which was such a shame. But if they do I hope they leave in the whole Crazy Frog thing, they probably won't because Jamie said the F-word but my god, that was funny.
  7. jess8619

    Event Feedback

    I thought the questions asked at talks were fine. If anything, it was the guests themselves making them, erm...shall we say inappropriate? xD Which, in my opinion, only made it more entertaining. Besides, at ET1 people were complaining about the "boring" questions. The gaps in between questions did seem kinda long, but the fact that all the guests were geuinely laughing and none of it seemed false I felt didn't make it at all uncomfortable. I doubt everyone wants to sit through really professional, clean cut talks - you can look those up online. Sure, the crude - slightly cringey stuff isn't for everyone but it adds great humour and the talks (adding more of a personal reason here) were the only reason I stayed for the whole of Sunday. Otherwise I would've gone home at lunch because I was feeling so ill. xD [/rant]
  8. jess8619

    Jamie Campbell Bower

    Ahahaha, ahhh he did make me laugh. xD
  9. There were a couple of guys walking round taking pictures throughout the con, just wondering if we'll get to see those pictures as I know I was in a few of them...
  10. jess8619

    Post your pictures guys

    ahahaha! Lesley your photos are awesome! Kiowa and Chris! BAHA! ^.^
  11. jess8619

    Post your pictures guys

    Charlie has such a good man-pout xD
  12. jess8619

    Event Feedback

    I liked the photoshoots queue because while you were queuing you got to see everyone else infront of you have their's done, which was fun!
  13. jess8619

    Favourite moments?

    Haha, yeah he told Tinsel not to do it too lol
  14. jess8619

    Event Feedback

    Not really, he had his hood up and did mingle with a few people so probably just looked like more of an atendee than Kiowa.
  15. jess8619

    Event Feedback

    Kiowa came to Saturday nights party...trust me, I know...xD