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  1. Great news that you're doing a Sherlock con, but you can't really claim this is the first "official" one, can you? Edit: It is against forum ruled to discuss non SM events. This will be the first official event, as in sanctioned by and in conjunction with the production company.
  2. You will find that any event organiser will have a certain budget to start the event rolling. If sales are good, then an organiser can make the event bigger and even better. Showmasters have run events before and lost money, so they are very experinced in running these events. Just because a guest has yet to be announced, does not mean further ones will be signed. Showmasters are fully aware that they have to invest in events to make people decide to attend. No real catch 22 situation, otherwise very few events would get past the planning stage. Well that's good to know :) Thanks for that!
  3. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing if people aren't buying tickets, SM won't be able to get more guests, and a lot of people have said they aren't buying tickets until more guests are announced..... Bit of a catch 22!
  4. There is no discussion on this topic. It doesn't matter whether you want her to come or not, whether you like her books or not, whether you essentially think she profited from someone else's work and is glorifying an abusive relationship - or not. It is (badly written) erotic fiction and the Eternal Twilight conventions are family-friendly. Her books are not appropriate for all ages and therefore she cannot possibly come and discuss/read any of it at ET8. comments in bold represent post author's opinions
  5. Toni Trucks and Noel Fisher. They've been a couple of my favourite guests in these cons. Would love to see them again. Would also love to see Guri in the UK, but I know his schedule for this year is jammed so probably not likely.
  6. Ooo yes, we would love to see Toni again :) Yes, I know it's not that simple, but I definitely place my vote for Toni if she's available and things can be worked out! :)
  7. Hello all! Edited by author.
  8. Hello all! Don't know if I'm allowed to do this on here? If not, I'm sure it will be dealt with in the appropriate way :) I've got a little birthday project up and running for Noel... if anyone's interested in contributing, you can find it here http://www.facebook.com/groups/316049421778131/ Got about 2 weeks from today!
  9. And crinkly bottoms!!! Lol!!!! Xx Mr Blobby would make an awesome poop movie! BWAHAHA
  10. That really was such an awesome guest encounter poopmovies and just a HUGE giggle. Thanks for making it brilliant ladies :)
  11. I didn't say that the organisation AT the cons wasn't good. I said that the organisation BEFORE the cons wasn't good. I have heard more sad news since this Con has ended and despite having a good time this weekend, it still wasn't the best one I've been to by a long chalk.
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