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  1. As some of you may remember, Billy was booked for ET2 but had to cancel. I am sure lots of us would love to meet Billy at ET9. He has been amazing in every film throughout the Saga and I think he would make a fantastic guest!
  2. Hi everyone, My daughter recently asked Rachelle on Twitter is she would consider coming back and working with Showmaster/ME again. To our delight she said she would love to! Lots of people missed Rachelle at ET2 and I for one would love to meet her. I think she played Victoria so well in Twilight & New Moon and I was saddened that she didn't get to complete Victoria's story in Eclipse. If you can, please bring Rachelle to ET9! Thanks x
  3. Feedback: Arrived around 9.50am on Saturday morning, waited in a line for around 20 minutes to purchase tickets at the Reg desk only to be asked to wait in a different line as it was tickets I wanted to purchase. After another 8 minutes waiting I found out although tickets were being sold, there were no badges. This was fixed by Andrew who promptly went and got some crew badges as a last resort for myself and my daughter. I wasn't too fussed about this, it wasn't a big deal to me. First of we had autographs with Kiowa, Daniel and Tyson, everything was fine in terms of organisation for this although some crew members did seem rather stressed this time round. Then my daughter had the group photo, again all ran smoothly for that. Next up was the guest encounter with Peter which myself and my daughter went into and really enjoyed. We even got to see Peter's passport and heard some great stories from him. Then it was time for the auction, I always love the auctions at ETs. I bid on the breakfast with Peter for my daughter. She was nervous but delighted. Loved that the wolves were back and purchased a great pic of my daughter with them. The lady in charge of the photos ourside the main hall was lovely and we really enjoyed chatting to her. We went down to the party too early and it was still pretty quiet. The next morning my daughter was to have breakfast with Peter, things didn't go quite according to plan in that Peter was late due to him being so tired and jet-lagged, he was very apologetic about this and my daughter wasn't upset, she understood but was disappointed in missing out on time with Peter of course. Peter did make it up to her and it all worked out for the best in the end. She had a wonderful day and had lots of chat with Peter. I understand why people are getting upset about Peter not being able to do personalisations on the Sunday, I suppose it was a difficult decision to take. It would have been fairer to say no personalisations for anyone all weekend, not sure what went wrong as I thought Peter arrived at his signing on time? I guess it was either no personalisations or some people would miss out on autos completely. Maybe they sold many more extra autographs for Peter that they expected, that would explain it. We did the guest encounter again on the Sunday which again was lots of fun. It was totally different questions on the Sunday which was great. Had a lovely weekend filled with great memories, loved seeing old friends and making new ones. Always feel a bit teatful when leaving an ET event. My friends don't like Twilight so it's great to come somewhere where I can talk about it and people know what I am on about lol. My daughter had a great time making new friends also and especially had fun chatting to Jess P, hopefully they can spend more time together at ET9. Re ET9, yes this was supposed to be the last one and I honestly believe that was the plan but plans change, if the demand is there why stop the events? I for one am really glad these events will continue and we will all have another chance to spend another fab weekend together! Special thanks to Andrew Hornby who I found really helpful and of course Mark, Jason and all of the crew. Countdown to ET9 has started!
  4. Really sad to hear that Kellan has had to cancel the event. I know it's beyond the control of ME and I am sure you guys are doing all you can to bring us another Headliner. Peter please! Really hope we get Kellan back to a future ME event in the future.
  5. Hi everyone The board sure has been quiet, we haven't had much to talk about as all the guest announcements were done pretty early for this con. I am wondering if there will be any more news? Either way, looking forward to it.
  6. Why is there so much talk about Kellan cancelling? That hasn't happened yet, unless I am missing something. Agree that it will be difficult with 3 guests that may be limited in what they can say but I am sure they will all be lovely. I would love for another couple of guests to be added who have been in the previous films, don't know how likely this is though.
  7. Hi there Did the Hilton staff allow your daughter in the exec lounge when the alcohol was being served (6-8), I didn't know about that rule and we tried to walk in at 5.50pm and the member of staff in the lounge told us that we weren't allowed back in until after 8pm. As the only adult there with a child, if I wanted JUST 1 glass of wine in the lounge I couldn't have it. Just as well I don't drink anyway! Just wondered if the staff enforced this rule every night as Sat was the only night we were going in at that time.
  8. Just had a rant about this then seen Too Tall's post, I didn't know that the hotel offered upgrades to the lounge if you weren't staying in an exec room. Hopefully those involved will not have the audacity to turn up for ET6. I agree with you Jane about giving out ticket number etc.....
  9. I am totally disgusted about this, it's shocking! These people aren't fans atall. Myself and my daughter always stay in the lounge floors and book this at full price, as we like treating ourself for our weekend away, we have never ever approached a guest in the exec lounge and never would. We have stayed in this part of the hotel 3 times and I spoke to the lounge staff to say the lounge has never been so busy with Twilight fans, I did find that very strange indeed. It's now clear that many of these people should not have been in there. It makes for an uncomfortable situation for the guests. I can't believe that some people have taken advantage of the system, they should be banned from any further events without question. What about a system where the crew member ticks of your ticket number on a sheet of paper as you use your photo shoot voucher, that way you would know if someone had already been through. Not sure how practical this would be, just throwing a suggestion out there. The behaviour of some individuals are not going to ruin these fantastic events for everyone so if anyone knows more info then please contact the office.
  10. I agree with what people are saying about the photos, it's only common sense, you join the line at one end and walk straight along the table to the top end. It's not ME fault that people do this but maybe a crew member directing people would help stop this happening again. I am def going to leave the photo collection until a quiet time though You don't join in the middle and walk up then down or push in etc.... as lots of people do. Tbh we didn't have a problem this time with the photos, it was quiet when we went in but last Oct it was ridiculous. People just need to use a little bit of common sense and everyone will get to see their photos after all they aren't going anywhere, they will still be there waiting for you to collect them.
  11. Hi Too Tall, Thanks for taking the photo with my daughter. My daughter asked Jason if there were any more left but he didn't think so but I will try the office anyway. Thanks for the tip.
  12. Hi there We weren't gold at ET3 but love those bags, they are great. We unsuccessfully bid on 1 at ET4 and hoped there might be some at the auction on Saturday but we didn't see any. Does anyone know where I can get one made?
  13. That would be me :) Its was lovely to see you and your daughter again! Hope you had an amazing time! I had the best weekend of my entire life!!! Thank you so so much for making it possible! All my dreams come true this weekend!!! I had a few problems, but most of them weren't anything to do with the convention, just stupid men around the hotel! I will never ever forget ET5!!!!! A big big thank you to the photographer, he was amazing and was very kind to me and my friends :) He took his time when Alex proposed to me, I will treasure that forever! Hey Lauren, nice to know who you are on the forum Sounds like you had a great time with Alex. Did you get tickets for ET6 yet?
  14. Hey Rhi, I had a nice chat with your husband on Sunday, he is a lovely chap. Re the photos at the party, I was speaking of Sat night with Jodelle and Michael, it's good that Alex was happy to have his photo done but we are told in our Ticket Letter this is a no, no so we never ever ask.
  15. Just heard about the idea of possibly one day merging the cons if it became necessary. I have to be honest and say that other than True Blood which is an adult themed show, I don't watch Vampire Diaries, Being Human, Supernatural of any other shows along those lines so in theory I would prefer this didn't happen but I would rather have a mixed con with some Twilight guests than not have them visit us atall. I would still buy a ticket if it was Twilight guests I hadn't met before but would probably just stick with a Standard Pass. There is always the option of brining the guests to LFCC, Collectormania etc...... but hopefully the interest in Breaking Dawn over the next 2 years will keep us going for a good bit longer.
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