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  1. Super excited about this! Love GoT and Peter is my favourite character!! :-D *whispers* I have a total crush on him too
  2. Aww Christopher is an amazing guy! Can't wait to meet him again! Very funny and awesome with fans :-)
  3. Should have known that really ... it's the excitement lol Thanks David!
  4. I don't know if this has already been requested as I don't have time to read the replies (sneakily typing this at work! ) Please can we have a autograph photo of him as Barty Crouch in Harry Potter?? Would (personally) prefer this to Dr Who
  5. Vicki_UK

    Thanks from Allison

    Bit slow here but just spotted this! What a manic weekend! I can now safely say I know how to use a Credit Card machine lol Thanks for being an awesome Pit Boss Allison! Vicki xx
  6. I'd love to meet TJ! He's one of my favourite characters!
  7. Ooooo I definitely agree with this!!
  8. I can confirm that I have added 2 large banners to every page of Team Pattinson Good luck in the competition everyone!!
  9. Agree wholeheartedly with the suggestions for Bones cast!! I love this show and would be happy to see any of the actors from it attend!!
  10. I'm going to stay clear of the whole debate/argument going on here BUT I had to say this make me giggle so much Also, I will say, what with the large majority of the Twilight cast currently filming Breaking Dawn I can't imagine it will be easy for SM to get any of them over here, unless, of course, it's a cast member who has already ... 'left' the saga
  11. Ohhhh God now I REALLY want to come! I love Daniel!!!
  12. You're welcome! And don't forget I'm a pizza saver as well :) Ahhh yes! How could I forget?! That was a life saver on Saturday night!
  13. I don't think it's my place to say what happened tbh! Sorry!! I just think that if Jason wants the story to be told, he should do it himself Its very easy for stories to be mis-told, especially after hearing some of the 'chinese whispers' versions I heard on Sunday lol
  14. Had to come along and say a MASSIVE Thank You to ME and all the crew this weekend! Kelly, thanks for putting up with me! Penfold - remember me for CM! Carrie, thank you for helping me out with my photo panic on Sunday. Malcolm - legend! Thanks for all your help! & just a huge massive thanks to everyone! I have to admit, after Peter cancelled I was skeptical that I would enjoy myself as much as I did but I had an amazing time, even more so when Gil was announced! All the guests were fabulous and I got to see all my favourite girls too An additional big thank you to Jason - all you do for us ... Is it worth it?? lol Hope your nose gets better soon *hugs*
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