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  1. well Peter and Lena have been doing private "meet and greet" events/dinners (usually $150 or so) after most of their other con appearances across the pond so I would think it is something similiar .........
  2. Could be similiar to an event happening in Calgary, with the cast of TNG doing a talk for 2 hours
  3. Harrison Ford only seems to do private signings and even then the cost of an autograph is well over £200 .....why do people always guess him?
  4. Love these threads just to see how worked up people get about "what makes a guest big" also how focused people get on a particular show or movie that they have no idea whats going on in the rest of fandom.......and then there are the crazy suggestions....... ah me.
  5. She's doing an event in Toronto, was just announced yesterday. Sorry
  6. Don't want to get into an argument here but I'll leave it with this factoid.....TV/Movie Guests over the weekend: 50 Dr. Who Guests over the weekend: 16 HP Guests over the weekend: 5 Star Wars Guests over the weekend: 9 Star Trek Guests over the weekend: 4 almost 1/3 of the guests were Dr. Who related ......just saying (BTW I'm open to correction on those numbers but I think it's fairly accurate)
  7. Really?There were many non-Who guests, a whole selection of dealers, video games, talks etc. Perhaps it wasn't worth it to you, but there was plenty on offer for people that weren't into Who. While I enjoyed the event quite a lot (met David T, Arthur D, Shirley H, Ian M) I still felt it was a very Dr. Who /Harry Potter -centric convention as have the last few. Yes, there are still a lot of other guests from other shows and movies and yes I understand that Dr. Who is popular at the moment and pulls in the crowds but I kinda felt sorry for some of the american guests who were very quiet and must of been wondering what all the fuss was about. Some of the other guests that were there would have been massive draws 2 years ago.
  8. erm why was your iphone out while you were in the toilets? eeewwwwwww
  9. Had a grand weekend, met everyone I wanted to meet. Have to say that some of the guests were really great to chat to: Debbie Carrington, Joe Flanigan, Shirley Henderson, Bronagh Gallagher, Dan Shor. Was very impressed with David T who took the time to say hello (unlike some Starship captains) and engage just a little bit. I have a funny feeling he will be back again soon in the same way Alex was. Arthur D seemed a bit shell-shocked (and Rory-like) at all the attention but he did personalise which was great (might be down to me being a Rory as well). Even though I haven't watched the show yet, Eve seemed very nice. I love the talks (Joe, John, Edward, Ian & Alfred etc) but I feel they need a little bit more organisation especially when the guests are having to tell the guys where to go with the mics. (I realise they are volunteers and the talks are "free" but still). The crew were amazing as always especially Jackie, Carrie and Debbie who always remember me which I still find a little disconcerting. Heat!!! Anyone know what was up with Jennifer Lien ....she seemed kinda out of it (was possibly my worst guest encounter with someone who wasn't crazy busy) and I regretted getting a photoshoot with her. I know I'll get shouted down for this but I was soooo happy to hear about "The Ultimate Dr. Who Con" next year hopefully this means that the general signing events (while still having Dr. Who guests) will be a bit less who-centric. Overall a very well run and fun event with great crew and lovely guests.
  10. Any info of whats on offer? Specifically interested in the film props mentioned rather than collectables from previous events (no offense).....
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