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  1. I've been to every event since proms and gold for most... Or silver at the very least. At ET8 I spent a lot of additional money - even did the auction dinner with the guests as I was 'going out on a high' thinking ET8 was the last event. I'd like to have done ET9 seeing as its likely to be the last event, but I've always struggled with the feb events because they are only ever 4 months after the October events (why weren't they done 6 months apart?!) - so less time to get cash together! And with how much I spent at ET8, there is no way I'd be able to get the cash needed together for Feb! Disappointed I won't be there as a long time attendee and disappointed still that ET8 wasn't the last. Should have gone out on a high!
  2. I had an enjoyable weekend as always - i'll start with the negative as i have a couple of slight grumbles.... - Me and my friend booked together but our group letters were split. I asked a crew member what to do and was told to go in with my friend in the lower letter, which was fine with me. Then when i queued and tried to get into the photo room, i was told that i needed to find too tall and get the letter changed officially and nobody knew where he was. Eventually found him, but a bit of a hassle when i'd already queued for a while for a photo op. - Sunday night party - first time i'd stayed on for Sunday night. Quite disappointed if i am honest.... no bar in the party room so people mostly hung out in the main lobby bar - no decoration/no music - just lacked any decent atmosphere. - Extra photos/autos - think this needs to be addressed as to how many extras are sold. Did hear of a couple of sessions going over the allotted time. Appreciate photo sessions are a rush in general but by the end of Peter's Sunday photo session, it must have been awful for those going through last as they were rushed through even more quicker than usual. I think maybe if its not the amount of extra's sold, then it could be people leaving their photos to the sunday session even if they were called on Saturday... the queues were definitely bigger for photos on Sunday! - Gold pass drinks reception - i wasn't a gold pass holder but a friend who doesn't come on here was and wants me to pass on some comments (pretty much identical to the comments i made before which stopped me from doing gold!!) - too many people in too small an area. Too much noise from tables being so close, and too many people per table. People were following certain guests from table to table also. Suggestion to be made - do half a drinks reception on friday and half on Saturday?? Good points: As always the majority of crew are fantastic. The tickets/extras i feel are always fabulous value. Instant photo printing is fantastic - loved getting my pictures back straight away The guests were all fantastic, including Peter who gave up his weekend off to be with us all - he was a trooper the entire weekend. I did the dinner on the Saturday night with the guests and he was practically dead on his feet - still made a fantastic effort all around though - i don't know how he wasn't delirious by time he finished.
  3. Totally agree. ET8 was my first time meeting Peter but could tell he was beyond tired. Such a trooper!! Me and my friend won the Saturday night meal auction and I sat next to Peter at the table. At one point I turned to him and thanked him for coming and said that he must be feeling pretty shattered as he looked like he could use some sleep - his face said it all.... But he grabbed my hand and thanked me and was a complete sweetheart. He even left the meal a bit earlier than some of us so he could get back and go to the party for a bit to see everyone - even though he'd been told he didn't have to go!!
  4. I'm guessing it must have been a contractual reason as to why there's only one group shoot and for one hour.... seeing as there could have easily been a second one during the quiz on Sunday.....
  5. I think there will be some upset over the group shoot. One hour won't give for a lot of shoots (i'd estimate at 400 max) - i'd like to think that Showmasters will limit the group shoots purchased to one per badge? It's a shame a 2nd group shoot couldn't be arranged for the Sunday so more people would get a chance.... I know if i don't get one, it will be a very sour end to a very awesome few years doing these cons.
  6. Argh - Craig Sheffer is still missing can someone at least confirm if he will be taking part in a photoshoot at all? (i have asked previously but no response as yet) - at least if i know he's not, i can go ahead and order the other stuff i want (not paying postage twice!)
  7. In light of a response i received in another thread, i was wondering if it could be confirmed if Craig will be taking part in any photoshoots as it is not mentioned in his announcement thread (as in others) ? Also, which day will he be appearing? Thanks in advance.
  8. No, but the shop/guests list hasn't been updated (with the exception of Aidan) since he was announced.... i'd like to ideally know what day he's appearing if not both, and if there will be a photoshoot for him. I need to make travel arrangements etc, and it's getting quite close now, thats all - would hate to miss out!
  9. I can't even buy a ticket till the shop is updated so i know when the guest i want to see is appearing (one or both days) and how much it will be *sigh*
  10. When will the shop be updated?? I want to buy tickets/photoshoots to come and meet a couple of people but one of them (Criag Sheffer) has still not been updated, despite being announced 10 days ago (and the shop was updated since then for the Aidan photoshoots and he was announced after this). It is getting close to the event now and i want to get these tickets sorted asap :)
  11. Appreicated, but what's the point in having a theme if we aren't given enough time to save up/buy stuff so we can all join in? With it being the last ET, i am sure that a lot of the attendees want to also make it extra special ..... It works both ways. The event is EIGHT weeks away now - a lot of people order costumes in from the far east as well (to make it cheaper) - time is running out!! It wouldn't have the same buzz if we all turned up at the parties in jeans.....
  12. The smaller ones are not (less than 80 tickets sold). But one ones that are the CM tickets are all classed as ticket 1, they'll go through first. Thanks a lot for the quick response :)
  13. Quick question - I have a ticket for Thomas Dekker photoshoot that was originally for CM. Are all shoots being called in number order, or just the shoots with hundreds sold? I am just bringing my original ticket i had for the Saturday for Collectormania.....
  14. I've been on holiday for three weeks to forgive me if this has been answered, but is the Sunday double confirmed as the only double of the weekend or might they add Saturday too?
  15. I have 1 and 2 for Thomas Dekker single on Saturday
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