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  1. I think I would Prefer Micheal Sheen or Dakota
  2. Thought Id start a thankyou Thread Because I think most people will agree with me when I say It was amazing!! I know its not over yet for a lot of people but im sat in the airport waiting to go home :) If It wasnt for these events I wouldnt have made all these amazing friends and had so much fun! So for that I want to just say you did an epic job, It was so worth the money, every single penny
  3. My body thinks its funny to fail me... First i get an eye infection.. then it clears up.. for me to get another one in the other eye!!! Going to be sooo humiliating And i have a chest infection and a bad cold I sound like a teenage boy whoose voice is breaking So I cant wear my contacts for my Aro cosplay
  4. Getting so excited now I suppose the change just makes it more exciting in a way Gotta try embrace it
  5. Ive not even started to pack Urrm proberably the Volturi Ball What the chances of a new guest?? Like A decent Vampire?? *fingers crossed*
  6. Montage is great :) Think Im gonna have to post it home tho Because Im only taking hand luggage and the bigger ones always get ruined... So that means we wont be getting any more guests??
  7. This thread just reminds me of peter pan
  8. Would be awesome but its a bit short notice
  9. Big hugs hunnie x I hope you`re eyes are better in time to wear your contacts Xx i have a pack of large turkey feathers...they are white with a brown tip!! i can bring them with me if you want one or 2 or whateva OMC I`d love you forever!! TyTyTy Xxx I`m doing honeymoon Bella so need some to stick in my hair and pin to my sheet Make sure to reealy Backcomb your hair!! I got Vicky/Alice to do mine since I fail at that sort of thing Try super glue for the feathers sheet thing I stuck mine on and then put the sheet on .. But if I was gonna do it again I wouldve put the sheet on then stuck them on And Jemma What about Toffee Popcorn?? Oooor little pieces of sponge??
  10. Contacts are looking like a definite no Went to the doctors today and its a bad dose of conjunctivitis Should be gone by wednesday hopefully tho :) so I shouldnt look dodgy
  11. Grrr Talk about timing I dont know if ill be able to wear my red contacts! I woke up with an eye infection So I hope it is better in time
  12. Finally a group Ill remember the name of So who else is in H?
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