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  1. Touchstone

    Guest Suggestions

    How about some guests from shows that have recently ended or have been cancelled? Examples: Falling Skies CSI Forever Maybe some from recently popular shows like The Librarians, Agents of Shield and Agent Carter. And yes, the suggestion of The Librarians and Falling Skies was a purposeful crossover for a certain actor that unfortunately had to cancel for this year's summer London con
  2. Touchstone

    Humans - LFCC Summer 2016

    Yes. This idea = 100% fantastic Think you should add Ruth Bradley to that list too as it would please those in the Primeval fandom as well, considering that particular show barely gets recognition con wise anymore so it'd be a win twice over.
  3. Touchstone

    Sunday queing

    Honestly the organisation here is a complete farce. Been here since 7:00 and it turns out that staff put me and a fellow attendee (who was there earlier than I) in the wrong queue, even though we did ask if we were in the right one in the first place. We talked to the staff who are doing nothing about it except put is to the very back of the right one when it was their fault we were put in the wrong queue in the first place >
  4. Touchstone

    Is there a normal entry weekend wristband?

    That's pretty horrific. Surely wristbands should be let in after Gold's or something seeing as tickets were scanned yesterday? Seems like a real strange queueing system. Wish you all the luck possible with getting in on time for your shoots ect.
  5. Touchstone

    Easy way to get to Olympia ?

    Usually I'd say get the District line but seeing as there are closures on the line, I think your safest bet is to get the Circle line to High Street Kensington and then a bus, you'll have to Google what bus it is though as I can't recall the number, all I know is that there is a bus from that station to Olympia. Have a check on TFL Journey Planner though, just in case.
  6. Touchstone

    LFCC Entrances and Floor Plan

    The main Entrance is on Hammersmith Road, not the one next to the station. Right. Only a quick walk from the bus stop which is the route I have to take anyway. Thanks for the info, I'd only been to the venue once before and that was via the station so assumed that was the main entrance. Hadn't a clue about any of the road names so couldn't figure which one was Hammersmith Road (I'm clearly an idiot)
  7. Touchstone

    LFCC Entrances and Floor Plan

    Awesome! Seems like a lot of floor hopping on the Sunday for me Forgive my idiocy, but the main entrance is the one opposite the station? Or have I got it wrong? The Olympia site isn't loading properly on my phone
  8. Touchstone

    Guest Suggestions

    I have seen them announced the day before the show, so we can only hope Well in that case, let us all cross our fingers
  9. Touchstone

    Guest Suggestions

    Would've thought it'd be a little too late for guest announcements but some replacement Harry Potter guests and/or maybe some more Penny Dreadful guests would be amazing. Some suggestions for the latter show: Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Helen McCrory (also works for HP) or Danny Sapani?
  10. Touchstone


    Prop only shoots you pay AT the prop shoot. Only the ones with the guests are on-sale on the shop or at the sales desk. Most will be £5. Awesome. Thanks for the info
  11. Touchstone


    Quick question, since the Eventbrite store is apparently going to be open during the con, will tickets for prop shoots go up for sale there or will they only be available at the sales desk? Also, generally speaking, how much are they? Sorry if this has been asked before, I'm currently on mobile which is a pain in the butt to scroll through this entire thread/topic
  12. Touchstone

    LFCC Talk and Photo Schedule

    There's a Penny Dreadful talk happening for free?Shame you couldn't get both the guys for it though (unless it's just a typo) but still, bless you SM!
  13. Touchstone


    Etsy. Like redbubble, you're also helping independent artists with your purchase but as they set their own prices, it can be a lot cheaper. I get all my Tolkien, BSG and Stargate shirts from there (and some Game of Thrones ones too) so there's definitely a wide range available :)
  14. Touchstone

    Guest Cancellation - Noah Wyle

    Just wondering if an announcement will be made when all refunds have gone out? In any case, I've yet to receive either of mine but I'll give it a couple more days before emailing if the announcement thing isn't actually a thing, if that makes any sense.
  15. Touchstone

    Guest Cancellation - Noah Wyle

    Gutted! He was my number one guest/main reason for attending Probably due to The Librarians S2 still filming which sucks in terms of not being able to meet him but it's a great show so there's that. Really hope he'll be back for another con/show in the future though *crosses fingers*