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  1. I'm so superexcited!!! Can't wait till it's 6pm (or 7 pm my time ).
  2. Awesome that the party themes have already been announced!!! Especially excited about the Sunday quiz XD. I really hope I'll be able to get a Gold when I'm finally able to buy my ticket.
  3. Would love to! Now I went for the maybe-answer, but mostly because I don't know if I can afford it...
  4. I remember that from last year and I'm so glad that your son is doing better.. Great that you can join HW4 ;-). Be seeing you then!
  5. Can't believe how soon this is going! Superexcited!!!!
  6. Aivy88

    Snoopy dance

    I like that idea! Gonna have to practice first though (and maybe we could even get Nick to do it with us, instead of him just on stage)
  7. I will try to be there, 'cause I loved it the first time. But of course it also depends on my flight and the quickness of my registering... ;-)
  8. Totally awesome! I'm sure I can find some costumes for that .
  9. Booked my ticket! Can't wait to see what number i have
  10. I agree! Would really love to meet him :).
  11. Yay! Finally booked my room as well ... though I'm still waiting for a confirmation, because her computer kept crashing .
  12. Always nice to read that people talked/tweeted with them and know that the actors are interested :)
  13. She would be AMAZING!!!! I was hoping for it last year, but kinda thought that would never happen. Now that she's been in the UK for the other one, I think we might have a pretty good shot, yeah? *fingers crossed* btw, if she would be announced as the next guest, i think this con would be sold out in a day, lol ;-).
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