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  1. BEST GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER. Thank you SM, you guys rock. Srsly though, the talks are going to be freaking hilarious.
  2. Thank you a million times from the bottom of my heart for giving me the most amazing 4 years i could ever have wished for. You gave me friends who understand me, unbelievable memories and a home away from home. Being able to go to every single convention was difficult at times but i wouldn't change a thing, even taking the job in the fish factory to be able to afford ET5! Whatever the future holds, i know that because SM will be at the wheel, it will be awesome and life changing and i can't wait to be part of it. Excuse me while i go and cry over my photoshoots...
  3. YESYESYES!! This needs to happen. That performance was the most original and hilarious thing that has happened at any ET. Please SM, make it happen?!
  4. I know this weekend will be another one we will never forget. I'm sad that it's ending but it feels like the right time to move on. Heres to all the parties, signings, photoshoots, auctions and amazing memories.
  5. Agree about the party ending later and the bar. Those of us who always stay on the Sunday end up sitting in the Hilton bar with a load of buisnessmen giving us dirty looks. I think a Pub Quiz would be awesome!
  6. 1. Which ETs you have been to (Proms count too) Every single one! 2. Who was your favourite guest Probably Kellan but they were all incredible 3. What was your favourite party That would have to be the Pajama Party at ET5! I have never laughed so much 4. What was your favourite Guest talk Jamie Campbell Bower's talk at ET3 was one of the funniest things i've ever seen. ever. 5. Which of the ETs was your favourite I could never choose, they were all equally amazing but ET1 was my first and seemed more sparkly and new 6. Does a particular song always make you thin
  7. Just called the hotel to book a room and the woman on the phone told me the code 1027SHO was for last year and can't be used to book a room for this October? Am i just looking in the wrong place or do i need a different code? Any help appreciated!
  8. Yes we still need a spare bed, would you be able to tell me when you will know for definite?
  9. Hi Everyone A friend of mine, Lindie has managed to sort things at the last minute to come to ET7 but the hotel is completely booked both at con rate and at full price. Lindie needs a roommate or someone with a spare bed for all 3 nights. You've probably seen her at past events she's the petite oriental girl with the white stick, she's 26 and she's great company! Due to her being blind she would need access to an accessible shower. This would mean changing the booking slightly but wont affect the room price or size at all. We know this is alot to ask and would appreciate anyone gettin
  10. He plays Peter, one of the nomads who was friends with Jasper and he's in BD P2
  11. Erik just said on twitter that he'd like to come to one of our conventions, and I reckon he'd be a great guest! I know it's not always as simple as that but If SM dont know they can't do anything so im posting this in hope Fingers crossed!
  12. This is brilliant news!! Myanna was great in Breaking Dawn pt 1 and she was in Lesbian Vampire Killers with Matt Horne and James Corden too, which is a hilarious film! Shes really nice on twitter too! WHOOP WHOOP!
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