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  1. I've got that problem too. Please fix
  2. We live in North Wales and managed to get to lfcc ok on trains so I can't see it being a nightmare to get to Birmingham. It's more central and I can see a lot more people attending at a more central location
  3. Where you two the ones to the left of the doors? Ww had to keep sane there as it was the second train that actually had problems haha. Thanks, was a shock when we got in the car home and I noticed they weren't in the bags
  4. That sounds familiar, she was obsessed, especially as she had her new necklace from her Auntie Kay that day haha I was controlling Stan's queue! Was trying to get her to smile for your photo haha I do remember you, you really did cheer her up, that last photo turned out great! Thanks for that :) you really do! Those necklaces are under lock and key for now lol
  5. That sounds familiar, she was obsessed, especially as she had her new necklace from her Auntie Kay that day haha
  6. That is me and I have them back, thank you all so much for all the help and effort trying to get it back to me! I really appreciate it :)
  7. She was very quiet, but lovely, asked who the autograph was for, told them the names. My 3 year old wanted a picture so I told her to fovand stand next to the chair when Slavitza picked her up for the photo. The photo didn't come out right but I didn't want to take any more as a queue was forming at this point
  8. I met him on Saturday, he was lovely, talked to me about my girls who were wandering around the desk. However, I have a problem with my hearing and had to lean over the desk to hear anything. He seemed genuine but I was the one who felt rude. He was great and made a comment about wait until the girls are 18, they will soon have you on the ground! He was by far one of my favourite guests from the day!
  9. I met Ellie earlier this year! She was a really good guest but I wasn't there on Sunday to see her again
  10. It's a mix between Michael Madsen and Juliet Landau. Michael talked to me about my little girls as they were walking around and was genuinely a really nice guy. Juliet was great too. Was talking to her after the photo shoot when I went to get a friends autograph and showed her and her husband the photo and she said that it was great! My daughter pulled a proper little pose and they thought it was cute
  11. Great news! I still think the queues will be crazy on Saturday though, I won't be arriving until Saturday morning and have to fight and run up the stairs my 4 year old just to get Stans VT
  12. Thinking of getting my Mallrats dvd signed by Stan and Jason
  13. I have two kids with me and trust me, it is definitely possible. You may have to bribe them though! LOL! Haha, thanks! Mine are 3 and 4, they have their birthday money to spend! Can always tell them they can't meet the doctor who guests if they don't listen lol
  14. Think I'm ok, got 1 clash but I have a low Michael Madsen photo ticket and a high Natalie one! Just hope I can get from one place to the other with a couple of children with me
  15. I'm only taking about £125 for all my autos
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