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  1. Big thank you to all the crew and all the people at Hallowheedon 4. It was so nice to get away from all life's problems just for a weekend and have a great time.All the crew made us feel as if we were part of one big family and the atmosphere from all the other con geeks made it so you could start a conversation with anyone.all the star guests were wonderfully and it was nice to see that they seemed to enjoy the convention as much as we did.Missing everyone already and for a convention that is a mark of how good this convention was. Good times and Happy Memories what more could anyone want.
  2. No guest can ever be as fun as meeting all of you crazy lot. Every convention I have been to it is the new friends that I have met that sticks in my memory far longer than any guest does
  3. G 13 hopefully not a unlucky number,as I cross my palm with silver and make sure I don't walk on any cracks in pavements or under ladders.nearly got run over when I crossed the road so i could walk in front of a black cat and realised it should have walked in front of me instead.not going near any mirrors and had a picture took with a chimney sweep but I think that only works at weddings.still keeping fingers crossed that I meet you all there.hopefully seat 13 isn't stood behind a pillow like when I took my son to a pantomime once and they said it was the only disabled seats there was and did I realise it was a historic theatre.well the pillow certainly was.oh dear seem to have lost track of what this post is about so better stop before the cat attacks me again
  4. Just got confirmation from the Hospice that they are all ready to look after my son ,next weekend.It is always a last minute thing because although my son has a muscular dystrophy he obviously has to take second place to the children who are more seriously ill than him.It really humbles you going into these places and seeing the courage of the children there and you realise that all your problems are nothing compared to what they have to deal with.As my son was seriously ill last year I couldn't make it,but he has recovered well and we have even got him back to school three days a week so he can attend sixth form.looking forward to seeing everyone at Hallowhedon 4 and again thanks to all those who gave messages of support to me last year.Waiting for my tickets and hope they haven't forgot me else i will have to gatecrash with last years tickets!! BE SEEING YOU
  5. Hi,not sure if anyone remembers me from this forum last year,as I couldn't,t make hallowedon 3 because of my son,s illness,but I am glad to say that he is making a good recovery and we hope to get him back to school next week.so hopefully will see you all at hallowed on 4. The other good news is that ray of sunshine the wish organisation is in the process of organising for my son a chance to attend an avengers movie premier or media event for his wish.Thanks to everyone who has given messages of support through last year and hope to see you at hallowhedon 4
  6. Looks like you all had a great time at hallowhedon judging by all the wonderful pics. James is getting better though he is getting a sore nose due to the mask he has to wear at night but we are now getting night help four times a week now which is a big relief to us all.Hopefully if he keeps going as well as he is we might try him back at school before christmas (fingers crossed). Those nice people at showmasters ( Thanks Yvie) have emailed me and offered me the chance to transfer this years tickets for hallowheeden 3 for next years so hopefully will be seeing you all next year .As soon as i get official confirmation will book hotel, so really looking forward to next year as the posts and pics make this look the best halloween party in the world. Thanks for all the well wishes they were much appreciated
  7. James has picked up a mild infection on top of everything he already has and so we are struggling a bit using cough assist machines to get him back to health again, i will have to miss out on the weekend this year but i hope you all have a great time and i hope to see you all another time.Thanks again for all the messages they have really helped me cope with all this
  8. Just opened my letter it's Gold 59
  9. Thanks for all the posts . Busy in meetings with social services this week got another big meeting this wedensday and have managed to get night care for my son to start next weekend, and have got a hospice to take my son in for Saturday in the daytime. So things are hopefully falling into place so i should be able to attend some of the convention if not all (fingers crossed). James has had a check up this week at hospital and they are really pleased with him. Thanks for all the good will messages they have really meant a lot to us and hopefully will see some of you at Halloweeden.
  10. Thanks for all the posts ,they have really cheered us up. Had meeting with social services and they have promised some night care for James,but how much and when this will start remains to be seen .Hopefully soon because i am only getting a few hours sleep a day at the moment,but James is progressing well and is staying longer in his whelchair each day. Have asked if they could put pressure on the hospice to have James for the Halloweeden weekend, but i am concentrating on getting the help we need at home first before anything else Will know more hopefully soon and will then be able to decide about attending . Thanks again
  11. Thanks for the good wishes and good advice .James is 15 and is the right age for Buffy and co and has enjoyed the playstation 2 game so he knows some of the characters and we watched the motion comic of season 8 in hospital on my ipod touch. he is mainly listining to dr who audiobooks as he is bedridden at moment but we are working on getting him back into his wheelchair for short times.Things are improving but i think the shock of how fast he fell ill is only hitting us all now we are back at home.Hopefully we will have more of an idea when we actually start getting some help from social services but as usual they blame the hospital for discharging us but James has made a marked improvement now he has come home.Thanks for posting as it has cheered me up no end
  12. My son has become seriously ill and spent the last six weeks in intensive care.He has had to have a trachostome and needs help with air through the night.He suffers from Muscular Dystrophy on top of this new illness. We are at home now and he is recovering well but obviously i am not sure i will be able to attend Halloweeden . I am trying to see if a hospice will look after him but i am having no luck so far, but intend to keep trying. i bought the gold ticket and feel sad that i may miss out on all the fun but I am relived my son is making a slow recovery. i am having meeting with social services this week and they may be able to help put pressure on a hospice to take him as the hospital has advised us that we need a break so we can carry on looking after him as he now needs 24 hour care. Not sure why i posted this on here i guess i just feel down about it all at the moment but hope you all have a great time as it looks a great convention
  13. well he sent me a Sci fi game which he let me adapt to a Star Trek game for a charity event so hopefully he will snd me more details. Stay tuned
  14. i was chatting on the internet to a Freeform roleplaying game writer who said he had made an unofficial Buffy Freeform game and played it at odd gaming conventions. Has anyone on this Forum played it or heard of it. i asked him if he would send me the pdf files to it and he said he would. it sounds intresting as i have played buffy Roleplaying games with die but never a Freeform game where you interact through talking with the other players playing the diffrent characters from the Buffy universe. Just wondered if anyone else had tried games like these
  15. Sweet (Once More with Feeling)
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