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  1. Looks like you all had a great time Hopefully we'll be able to go to ET7
  2. Randall: http://twilightsaga.wikia.com/wiki/Randall Thnaks! Its a long time since I read BD so couldn't remember...bad fan! LOL the first thing i done was google who is Randall ;-) LOL I had the same problem haven't read BD for ages and couldn't remember who Randall was - very bad fan indeed Nice to have a new cast member from BD - I too never thought about the new actors from the film - not bad looking either
  3. Met him at ET1 and LFCC - he is very sweet and very funny - don't mind meeting him again - as someone else said on here it's been 2 years since ET1, so he'll have done quite a bit since then
  4. ...Me too.... I often watch the ET1 DVD it brings back great memories - Peter and Kellan were so funny together on stage - priceless
  5. OMG !!!! this is really difficult because I would love to meet Michael Sheen.... not too fussed about Dakota. I've met Peter, Kellan and Ashley they were amazing guests especially Kellan who smelt gorgeous and gave you huge bear hugs!!!!!! it would be great to meet him again... but I would like Nikki, Jackson or Elizabeth to come to an ET Con But I agree with Juliette can we please have BILLY BURKE..... that would make my ET5 just amazing After all that I'm not sure who to vote for - will have to have a good think Definitely evil TT
  6. Most of you know me but here we go Forum Name: Twilightmum49 Real Name: Debbie (Debs) - Mum to Sam (*Midnight*Sun*) Age/Location: Old enough!! West Midlands Have you attended any other ET events? 1,2 B'ham Prom, 3 & 4 Favourite Twi-guest? Peter, Kellan, Gil F****** Birmingham, Charlie, Jamie , Rachelle & Leah Favourite other movies? Goonies, Dances with Wolves, Meet Joe Black, Dirty Dancing, Close Encounters.. too many to mention Favourite other books? Sookie Stackhouse, Stephen King, Wilbur Smith Favourite TV shows? Being Human, Family Guy, Vapire Diaries X Factor and loads more...... Favourite Actors/Actresses? Antonio Banderas, Kevin Costner, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Patrick Swayze, Meryl Streep list goes on...... Other interests: Rock concerts, Music, Films/Theatre & Keeping Fit!!!!! Something interesting about yourself: Born in Malta Most likely to be found on? ET Forum, sometimes on Twitter if I have the time What are you most looking forward to at ET Meeting up with everyone again
  7. I had to resist the urge to squeeze his knee.. LOL Rach you make me giggle - you should have just made up an exuse to touch him - like "oh sorry you had a spider on you knee" that would have worked OMG I need to go to bed even Sam has gone lol - just feel so awake which is not like me ...... must be an age thing will have to count sheep or something
  8. I totally agree this new photographer is better but the blue background sucks - always has. Yes this issue about the blue background has been going on for such a long time and we pay a lot a money for these photos - just a plain white background would be better than the blue - I've got a spare kingsize sheet they can borrow - also please can the photographer take the picture a bit closer please - this issue has come up before but nothing is ever done about it. As ET5 will be my sixth Twi-Con (including the Prom) and as said above we have been asking for the background to be changed since ET2 surely this can be sorted out and changed please.
  9. David you know it wouldn't be fun without you on here I love your sense of humour..... it was great to see you and Katie again.... You know are so loved by everyone....... you little sweetie As I couldn't have Peter's chair I now have Gil's and it's now in my bedroom..........
  10. You have such good taste girl !!!!! you were drooling when Gil was sitting by us lol The man is awesome and I have Gil F***ing Birmingham's chair sitting in my bedroom £60 well spent I loved talking to Leah and her gorgeous boyfriend Mark in the bar they are so in love it was very sweet - we were talking about the Jewellery Quarter and he thanked me for giving Leah ideas so funny ....lol
  11. @Hacchy so sorry you didn't enjoy yourself as much as you should have - please keep coming on the forum we are lovely on here - I have so many friends and speak to so many people at the Cons because of being on here it's like one big family - we have always said in the past that no-one is on there own at the Con - so for you to feel the way you did I'm sorry - if I had known I would have made sure you were not alone. So try and come to ET5 we do have a good laugh Ditto that Dayna although I speak to lots of people (usually when Im in the ladies, I start to talk to someone I don't know or someone I do and then 20 mins later I'll re-appear with Sam thinking I've fallen down the loo ) not sure if I would go to the Cons on my hown mainly because I'm old enough to be most of the attendees Mum Karly not going to ET5 then? - Sam told me you that both of you had to pull out of (sorry for not texting you - been manic in this house lately and wasn't on here much before the Con) ET4 - it was very strange not seeing you both there you were both missed , I kept expecting to see you round the corner ....very strange, so you've got to come to ET5 - you know for sure, you will not be on your own - you know so many in Silver and Gold. I might need a roomie if Mel comes this time as she'll share with Sam so I'll have a twin room all to my self and the expense lol The Pfach is on the telly in damages as I type......that man is way too hot!!!!!
  12. Yes please - Lily you'd have to cosplay as Jane again........ I think you'd scare Dakota at how good you are being her lol
  13. Good thinking Bat-Girl lol That's a very good idea at least it would make the Crew's job a lot easier in the long run - although the wristbands were a pain at least the Crew could see at once what type of pass you had - maybe they could colour code the passes as well with a thick border of Gold, silver or black like the wristbands were.
  14. I was so pleased when they said Daniel was coming - he was so nice at the prom and omg sooooo tall - infact he's taller than Too Tall !!!! and that is might tall lol
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