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  1. BeckiUK

    Booboo Stewart!

    AGREED! I dont care that they are all repeat guests. He loves doing these and seeing everyone. He makes more of an effort than most/some. And EVERYONE loves him. Would be nice to have a farewell. :)
  2. BeckiUK

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALEX MERAZ

    I loved Alex so im pretty happy. :)
  3. BeckiUK

    Karaoke at the parties?

    YEEEEEEEES!!!!!!! Crackin idea. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  4. BeckiUK

    Latest Guest Announcement - Booboo Stewart

    Aww I LOVE BooBoo!!! Totally adopting him as my lil bro!
  5. BeckiUK

    Thanks for another great weekend

    I loved how Chilled, relaxed and easy this one was. I LOVE THE NEW PASSES... not only do we not have to cart booklets around etc but the cheeky people that dont pay can no longer scam... YAY!! Good Job!! Excited the Con is going official and all your hard work is paying off! Cant wait for ET7... all booked up and raring to go. Thank you for everything.
  6. BeckiUK

    Latest Guest Announcement - GIL BIRMINGHAM

    I loved Gil last time! Happy days!
  7. BeckiUK


    oh erm... the twilight photoshoot backing needS A GOOD IRONING for next time!!!!!!
  8. BeckiUK

    Photos :)

    I Have quite a few but i'll just post a couple :)
  9. BeckiUK


    Id like to say... that i was sat in the final talk and looking at the panel and thinking 'that is one pretty awesome line up we just had' I mean we had a couple of humans... couple of vamps and a wolfpack member!! You actually cant get it any an more decent mixture! I know people like to moan at announcements about repeat guests but the experience is different every time when they are with other different guests. i loved it!! I had a FAB time! And i loved the energy the actors had with each other!! Definitely LESS stressful having a smaller amount of attendees than last time... made me enjoy it that much more!!
  10. BeckiUK

    X Factor Tour right next door to us

    peeps usually stay in bham centre when on tour!
  11. BeckiUK

    Latest Guest Announcement - BILL TANGRADI

    lol... lisa is gonna have issues with the amount of times shes gonna have to ask the guests to bend over... i mean bend down hahaha!!!! And looking forward to meeting Bill :)
  12. BeckiUK

    Getting there

    theres a train going for £19:50 and one coming back for £20.50 chicken x
  13. BeckiUK

    ET6 Tickets On Sale at ET5

    yeah no way would i sacrifice a good sat night to queue.... unless its rpatz announced... or xavier samuel... which is wont be so i shall buy mine at a later date me thinks.
  14. BeckiUK

    Latest Guest Announcement - JUSTIN CHON

    YAY!!! WELL HAPPY with this line up!