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  1. I had ENOUGH issues booking 3 nights at once for the last one so... I really dont' want to fuss around booking two nights then adding another one on the end... my luck it will not work properly, or my luck is there won't be sunday's added on. I honestly can't waste this money so... I have to know that i can get all three nights. The hilton is such a pain... plus I dont' really enjoy putting money into their pockets what with all the err.. illegal activities they're 'involved' with atm lol. I just need to make sure I can deffinitely get the sunday room, if not and I end up getting it and my convention ticket-- I won't be able to do and that's like £300 wasted and I dont' have £300 to waste >_<
  2. I'm not sure how that's fine, lol. I live two hour's away on the train, there's no trains to here on a Sunday. If I had nowhere to stay on the Sunday, I would be out on the street because I can BARELY afford the hilton at the convention rates, let alone some more expensive hotel that I have no idea where to find. I'm sure there's others like me so Friday and Saturday alone isn't fine xD the convention rates at the hilton are waaay more than I even intended on paying this time, so god knows what other hotels are like. It's gonna be right enough to save up for this as it is Either way, I hope the hilton opens up some more rooms on the Sunday soon... I don't wanna buy my ticket then have nowhere to stay, but I dont' wanna book the hotel last minute when they release rooms and not get a silver convention ticket. I'm not going standard cause I just couldnt' see or hear anything in the talks >.<. I think this is happening because they have lots of... non convention guests staying that Sunday so there's not enough rooms to allocate at the convention rate as there is for the Fri and Sat-- only thing I can think of that makes sense, in which case I 'm probably screwed
  3. Double snap! I have to wait until like.... December to get mine :blink:
  4. Gosh I hope so I can only afford to go if the hilton has convention rate rooms, otherwise I'm sleeping outside.
  5. Haha I wish I had a 'screw you' attitude. It seems I just got unlucky with the people I spoke to and there was what... 1000 people there? I probably only spoke to about 100 or so of them and as per usual, got unlucky that's why i never win the lottery hehe.
  6. It did work like tha.... and then the government took away a lot of the benefits and school fundings. BEfore I could have claimed incapacity because of my bipolar but I probably can't now. I can't really find work because of my lack of GCSE's and it's also hard to find college courses I can do because of that. We dont' really have the money to do this, and there's a chance I'm not even going to be able to do th is because... I don't... we dont' have th emoney for somewhere to live, bills, food, council tax, tv lisence... all the books I need-- a laptop because I can't get my desktop down there... And I'd be so busy and no time to get a part time job on the side-- plus I'm not supposed to because if it stresses me out I get pretty ill and end up making everything worse. sigh. My mom is a lot of the issue. I only get one of these courses for free, after that it costs... a few thousand to do them. But she wants me either out of the house, or to pay my way. I can't do either because I have no income, because I have no job... I can't get a job and it's a vicious circle. I am 99% sure if I can't go onto this course, she's going to kick me out. She's already expressed her displeasure for me wanting to do performing arts and... b ah. She and I don't have a close relationship, it's pretty rocky a lot of the time. She has little respect for anyone else-- I went to an advance screening of Eclipse, and the whole time she text'd someone and it... was pretty distracting and then she was all "WHAT DOES SHE MEAN SHES SWITZERLAND" like super loud and I just thought 'by god if we get kicked out I'll never forgive her'. I was amazed she let me go to et4 but I made a deal that I'd have no xmas present if I went xD. There isnt' anything else I really wanna do... I have wow cata on pre order, I'm going into Asda the day Eclipse comes out to get that... I feel extremely rushed over the whole thing, because if I don't get this right... it feels like my life is screwed. I won't have the money to retrain so I'll be out of house, and out of pocket
  7. It's.... boring. Well.. I can't say that, it's a legal drama and I'm not so much into those. Perhaps I'm bias, but Pfach is pretty awesome in it coop and Carlisle are like polar opposites, and 'Gregory' in this is different again, yet he does it well. I didnt' even know it was him to begin with lol xD Perhaps I was! I can sleep through hurricanes >.>; I literately did once, only a small one but lol. God knows what happened but they're kind of sore! xD No, I sitll hate her well.... I can't hate her now, she's 19, pregnant with her third kid, broke, single, scruffy and on drugs. I just feel sorry for her now. Sadly most people I was in school with have ended up like that. In fact one girl in my form class, her aspiration was to be a pole dancer. And I don't really want to judge that because... whatever floats your boat and all but... a pole dancer. Eh, to each their own I suppose. I really have no clue abuot my future I know I wanna swim with sharks in the sea <3 and I want to go cliff jumping, go on safari in Africa, go to Japan and go to Utah to tackle my best friend in a hug but in terms of 'settling down' it's like.... I don't want to be tied to one thing, I have a lot I wanna do and... the majority of people these days aren't happy with their jobs. And I suppose since I have to make the choice now it's like.... pressure to get it right. I really want to just.. see the world and stuff before I get tied down, argh... My mom is very little help when it comes to it too! And the added issue is that the college is down in Cornwall and we dont' have the money to move, so I would have to find a way to live there alone, without ALG and without benefits since I dont' quite fit perfectly into one form of benefits, argh.
  8. I liked it in high school because in the teachers attempt to make me g et on with another girl, s he'd pair us up. And ofc I was able to say what I hated about her as part of my characters haha. I was actually banned from being in the same class as this girl so the teacher really did step over the line. I don't have GCSE's, and I'll be 20 when I start the course; so I get my first level 2/3 course for free. So I have to pick what I wanna do NOW and it's very... I don't like that. There's lots of things I wanna do... I found a Marine biology course, performing arts, teaching, midwifery... loads of stuff. I have no idea where I see myself in the future lol. I did always want to be a voice actor for like dubs and cartoons and stuff... I wouldn't mind writing something but... I write for fun and I don't want it to be a job... plus I'm still struggling with writer's block so lol. I am leaning more towards performing arts, but the marine biology is just a little behind. Also I SWEAR someone was in my room at the hilton, because I woke up and my cuticles are like... covered in blood? Like someone was chewing them lmao... wtf... >_< argh slow for replying got distracted by damages on bbc1... and Peter's characyer just got murdered... I let out a startled cry followed by a long silence and a "WTF maybe I should watch from ep one". I think Stephie Meyer lied about how Carlisle got turned, I just saw him get hit by a car
  9. Haha, I liked her hair in the first movie best. The dark hair really bugged me, I mean Bella emphasies on her 'caramel' h air a lot it just... raaaagle. Emmet's hair bugged me too, isn't he supposed to have curly hair? >.< at least Esme's hair changes werent' as bad as Jasper's lmao, or even Alice's. I tried to write some stuff about Esme to get to know her, it was a random drabble from Bella's POV and then I switched to writing as Esme to try to get to know her but I got very stumped! So I started working on my one shot which is just... urgh! xD I should finish it, people want to read it.... meeeeeh. @TommyT oh I totally agree with that, it's just I rarely see people using large posts on here! Usually the only forums I hang around are the mmo champion ones and world of warcraft ones /lol. And it's full of nerdy people like me so we write long posts with perfect grammar... well, when I can be bothered with perfect grammar. I actually find it quite ironic when I've gone around twilight fansite's forums, and everyone posts two sentences, full of text type and... 'u' and... Urgh, I really hate that and it's just like... Hmm... I dont' know why it grates on me so much xD Maybe because writing is my passion and I can't stand people defiling it, or maybe it's just insulting to their English teacher's at school. I can get pretty fired up and go into long post mode, usually TL:DR I suffer from bipolar so when I get fired up while I'm on a high... I have missed the amount of times I've not been able to make posts because my post was too long! I really have issues introducing myself to people though. I h ad an absolutely horrible school childhood stuff cause of bullying... plus I can be pretty overly sensitive at times. It probably doesn't help th at people don't... 'get' me I really am quite random, I can be one mood one moment and another the next and I'm pretty random and say really weird things and observe random t hings... I can be overly observant and my memory for things like memorising books and movies is kinda creepy... I suppose it's hard to find things other than twilight to bond with others over too. Since I'm not exactly into those other books in that genre so much-- in fact I used to LOATHE twilight and I was the last person on Earth who would ever stand up for it but... here I am squeeing over twilight, writing twilight fanfics, paying insane amount of moneys just for a 30 second hug and photo with guests! Haha. Gosh I went offtopic : | Hm... I don't even know where I was going with my point. I guess the issue is I have like... extremely low confidence, and I find it hard to make friends. I'm trying to work on it, but when things like this happens it just makes me wonder why I try... This time next year I'll probably be a performing arts student hough, I was hoping that would give me extra confidence :)
  10. haha thanks. I almost stayed in my room the entire weekend xD but I got lured out with the prospect of warm vampire and wolf hugs.... xD and it was worth it! I do wanna go to ET5 but for this month we're kind of... broke. And December is xmas month. I MIGHT be able to convince mom to let me go to my birthday since that's in march, but then I might not be able to go silver or gold for the et6... depends on the guests I.. err.. guess Gold and silver is kind of.. an insane amount of money so :) I didn't mind GOING on my own... but it was boring to be there alone, if you get what I mean?
  11. I'm on the border with Esme! I want to like her, but... she always seems more of a background character in the books and in the movies, they have to give her Edward's lines just for her to say anything. Plus they dyed her hair icky black instead of caramel. I just... don't know enough about her to like her, I really do want to like her but... I can't... connect to her : | my god that sounds so cheesy! haha. You may! Everyone else has lmao xD
  12. i only heard good things about Charlie this weekend. I was in his guest encounter and i think that people were mistaking his passion and cheekiness for arrogance. i have a LOT of time for Charlie Bewley and he made my weekend complete! Demetri has been one of my favourite characters for a long time, and i was really excited to meet Charlie because i'd heard a lot of good things about him from people who've met him at other events in other countries. x He was just so nice! I loved his cheekiness and his somewhat... naive innocence that wasn't quite innocent. xD He was fun and made me laugh quite a bit. I think Leah was probably my favourite guest though. She was SO nice and kind, you could tell she loved being there.
  13. i would love to make off suspiciously with Charlie in a duffel bag!! I am love_tay on twitter and i'm glad i made u feel a bit better, if i did, and i wish i could have found you on Sunday to help you out some more. Carrie, i saw you on the night you wore the Wolf Bride and you looked great. my friend thought your wolf pack tattoo was real! i loved your outfit. This was my first con and i met 2 people in person who i have stayed in contact with, and then a few people on twitter, but i have to agree, the parties felt like very lonely places. i almost had to come alone, because my friend is 5 months pregnant and almost didn't make it, and i don't think i would have lasted the weekend on my own there. I hope you do go to another con, et5 or et6 and i'll definitely make sure to meet up with you so you're not alone. x hehe I was terrified to meet Charlie, I heard some people saying some 'mean' things about him, about how he was kind of arrogant... that he was very aware of how good looking he was and stuff but I thought he was very sweet and i enjoyed meeting him quite a bit! Demetri is now my second fave cghara
  14. silly new twitter! i can see my 'home' feed but I can't load anyones pages directly >_< FML http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001208361541 is my FB : | currently winding everyone up with quotes from the con. Was it hard candy <3
  15. That sounds like a really good idea really. I noticed a lot of people sat on the floor in awkward places and on stairs too so maybe it would aid with issues like that too, when people have like 10 minutes to kill and don't wanna go to their room or are in another hotel. I am err, hacchylove on twitter I should come up with better usernames. I did want irritiblegrizzly but it was taken Edit: My twitter is broken! OMG i can't follow anyone lmao, won't display any pages. This is no gooooood.
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