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  1. Dammit, now I really have to get a ticket to this. Curse ME/SM for getting one of the tributes i really want to meet. Yay! :)
  2. - Seeing everyone again, feels like way too long since I last saw everyone. - Hilton breakfast. Nom. - Metting Mike, been wanting to meet him since the very first con. - Meeting Daniel again :) - A load of other stuff lol - Just the general ET-ness of the whole weekend, will have to savour this as it will be my last ET.
  3. Best Guests: 1. Kellan 2. Ashley 3. Rachelle 4. Jamie 5. Charlie Best Moments: 1. Kellan's shameless flirting with my Mum. Was just too funny. 2. Jamie's guest talk. i swear I cracked a rib. 3. Jamie getting mine and my best friend's "Dumbledore's 'close friend'" signs that we had when we had a photo with him. 4. Rachelle's guest talk, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. 5. Gold Reception at ET3...so many funny moments. This will be my last ET so hopfully I'll have even more brilliant memories after it.
  4. Jackson or Xavier full stop lol :) Please....please???
  5. I really need to start the Cassandra Clare books.
  6. Two words: XAVIER SAMUELS Seriously I would SM FOREVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEERRRRRRR if you got him to come an ET5, would make my last con just WONDERFUL.
  7. God this is like Sophie's Choice...well a Twilighty version of Sophie's Choice anyway. I really do have no idea which one to go for. Yes I'd love to meet a big Cullen ala Jackson or Nikki but also the Tweilight Saga has so many well known actors in it like Michael and Dakota, both of whom I'd love to meet. Then again some of the acotrs I really want to meet from the series don't really fall into either poll ala Anna Kendrick or Xavier Samuels (Seriously if he came to ET5 it would make the last con I go to the best one ever!!"
  8. I love the author signing idea becasue your able to talk to them and they really seem to love meeting the fans. I know L.A Weatherly spent ages talking to people who were in her signing, she spoke to me for a good five minutes while I was talking to Lauren Kate for ages.
  9. Forum Name: *Midnight*Sun* Real Name: Samantha/Sam Age/Location: 18. Enville/West Midlands Have you attended any other ET events? Yeapp all of um Favourite Twi-guest? Ashely, Kellan, Peter, Rachelle, Charlie, Jamie, Leah Favourite other movies? Chris Nolen's Batman films, Lord of the Rings, Inception, Memento (I like Chris Nolan lol), Meet Joe Black, Daybreakers, Let the Right One In, Pocohontas, Baz Laurman's Romeo and Juilet, Kick-Ass...and about a billion others. Favourite other books? Way too many to count, my books over-run my room. Favourite TV shows? Mad Men, Friends, Damages, Big Bang Theory, Don't Tell The Bride, CSI, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Being Human, Glee, The Inbetweeners, Skins, MisFits....the list goes on. Favourite Actors/Actresses? Heath Ledger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Eddie Redmayne, Claire Danes, Meryl Streep etc... Other interests: Acting, Reading, Writing, Jogging, Cooking Something interesting about yourself: One of my biggest fears in life is alien invastion....closely followed by clowns. Most likely to be found on? Facebook, most of my status's are me complainging or talkign about what random tea I'm drinking ^^ What are you most looking forward to at ET5? Two words. Michael Welch...and seeing everyone <3
  10. I would have gone insane if that had been me! Honestly I would have screamed at her, how childish/rude do you have to be?
  11. The whole ''swapping'' thing really does drive me insane! I've been gold to every single ET, so that's £830 for just my tickets alone. My mum was going to buy me a car for my 17th but instead we've been to ET conventions. We save and save and save for these conventions just so we can be Gold so we can go to the wine reception and have good seats at the talks. My mum, me, my best friend mel and several others of the forum stayed up nearly all night at ET2 to get tickets for ET3 and it paid off, I was Gold 5 at ET5 and have so many memories of jsut camping out for those tickets. To have people who havn't spent as much as I have or saved as much swap passes to get into events really does anger me. Sneaking into the talks infuriates me, I remember talking to several people who were not able to sit in their sections becasue Standards had snuck into Silver and Gold sections. I really do think that SM need to come down hard on people who do swap passes or save seats for people etc, at the end of the day it just isn't fair on people.
  12. Yes x10000000 to that idea. How can you not want his total babe-ness there.
  13. Love to the slumber party idea. Seeing as this is the fifth and after a breaking sawn based one maybe we could do like a birthday party for Renessme or something??
  14. How can you not say yes to that face. We need his beautiful face, wit and general Jamie-ness to add to beautifulness of Daniel and Michael
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