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  1. Just to add my thoughts as well.....which is I'm gutted - but totally understand. As everyone else says, please try to get some OUAT guests to other events, I know you guys always try your best!
  2. Trust you to think of something dirty Oh don't you worry, there's always one - and it's usually me!!!
  3. Oncers, but now all I can do is think up other names, like....On ( c )e Night Standers
  4. Without a doubt, karaoke!! Yes Pleeeeeeease!!!
  5. Thank you thank you thank you again for another fantastic con! Gold was fabulous this year - the second drinks reception was really good as the guests seemed much more comfortable and chatty with us all. Collecting your photo's while you wait worked brilliantly.......I've taken away yet more awesome memories (and more than a few slightly fuzzy moments too!!!). We are all keeping our fingers crossed for the summer ball idea, which sounds amaaaaazing!! xx
  6. I have to say I was quite possibly thinking that too....... sssssssssssh!!
  7. 10am starts = LOVE THIS!!!
  8. Oh I always look forward to that! Although I did chip my front tooth on the Unicorn (what a great story to tell the Dentist that was, I rode a Unicorn so hard I chipped my tooth fnar fnar!!) so must try my best to be careful hahaha!!!
  9. I guess that's true yeah......but haven't guests been announced before for stuff we've not seen yet? Like Noel Fisher was announced for at ET7 back in February this year....he's not in the films until Breaking Dawn which isn't out till......well ages away ) Not that I'm grasping at straws or anything hahaha!! ;o)
  10. Wondered if there was any small chance of Chris being able to come along to Bitten 3.....he's been to our events before and is awesome and super talented very entertaining (ET) and now he's in the new series of True Blood, it would be amaaaaaazing for him to make an appearance at Bitten for us!!
  11. Just like to add my disappointment as well, we are gutted, I was already trying out my Capitol makeup lol!! I wonder if it will just take time to build up the hype for HG's a bit more and for the guests to realise we really do wanna meet them.....a bit like the Twilight thing I guess, that took time to gain speed too. Anyway pleased the guests are now going to CMMK and we've bought a Resident's Pass so you'll still be making us bankrupt as usual
  12. Confirmation from SM - when booking with the hotel you should be charged based on the prices quoted in the first post. It does include the residents pass. Check into the hotel as normal. The resident pass etc is to be collected from the SM info desk where they will have a list provided by the hotel. The hotel will not have the pass. As per the post from Jason, you will require some form of ID to collect the pass. Hope that helps clear up the confusion. Sorry about that Ah that's great news, thanks loads for checking this out for me 1of2! I always carry ID anyway so thats no problem! Was a no brainer anyway for us, it's a bargain for £159 for me and my friend to stay over and get to go to the party etc what with all the other perks, so I'll see ya all there!
  13. Confusing. I was basing it on the fact that others have booked a room and been charged less than the full price. Indiciating that SM were to be paid the difference. I haven't received confirmation yet though. When I do I will post it. SM will have the details already. You just need to provide some form of ID Thanks for this 1of2, I'll check back again to see if theres an update. And thanks for the ID info, I guess I should've read that bit really, oops
  14. From previous replies it appears that you pay for them separately, hotel initially, and the pass when you collect that from the SM desk at the event. I will try and get confirmation though. ....but I've just gone through the link online to buy the resident's pass for 1 night for me and my friend, and they've charged me the £159.... which I thought was the total price for the residents pass and hotel? I'm now confused as well, sorry!! Should we be giving our details to SM to be able to get the resident's pass thingy? Sorry to be a pain
  15. For me..... the Dream(y) guest would be Josh......I dunno about gold I'd be saving my pennies (and a lot of them) for VIP...sigh! I'd also probably die if it was Woody Stanley Tucci would make my day as he was awesome as Caesar ...and no-ones said Lenny Kravitz yet and I don't know why!! I loved his portrayal of Cinna, such a gentle character. Lenny would totally rock!!! (then he could play at one of the parties, air guitar anyone?!?!)
  16. Sounds amazing tho......plenty of room for the Bewls if there's space for 12!!!
  17. ^^^This OMG this actually brought tears to my eyes. It sums up exactly how I feel about each con and I just don't think I'm ever gonna feel the same way about anything else :-( Thanks guys and sorry to get so soppy about it all!!! It's just been such a big part of my life for so long, I can't imagine life without it now!!!
  18. Well here are mine..... 1. Which ETs you have been to (Proms count too) ET1, ET2, ET3, ET4, ET6, ET7, TwiProms London, & soon to be ET8!! 2. Who was your favourite guest I cannnooooot pick just one!! I went round and round with this in my head! Peter Facinelli for pure ohmygodwhatastar-ish-ness Jamie Campbell Bower for making me laugh harder in his talks than I've laughed in my whole life Chris Heyerdahl...because i love him or Charlie Bewley, just because of the way he comes across, he's always had time for us, what you see is what you get, and he's a legend 3. What was your favourite party Volturi Ball 4. What was your favourite Guest talk anything with JCB in it from ET3 5. Which of the ETs was your favourite Either ET1 because of the feeling of just being thrown into this mad hectic world or ET3 because of it's epicness!! 6. Does a particular song always make you think of ET Gotta be Super Massive Black Hole....or I've Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas 7. What is your favourite giveaway in your attendee pack The Magnet Story board. 8. Anything that happened at an ET that you will never forget I thought of various silly things to say and then decided to say this. It's a feeling thats difficult to put into words. Its the excitement of who's being announced, what the parties are, the countdown. It's the anticipation of your friends coming to pick you up in the car. Its the excitement of getting to the hotel, the nerves of who you'll meet that weekend and what you'll say, the intensity of the whole thing, that someone that's not been to an ET really doesn't understand. It's knowing you will come away with cherished memories, with happy memories, with more than a fair share of equally hilarious and cringy embarassing moments, it's coming away having gained friends, it's the horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach as you get in the car when it's all over, it's the awful post con blues afterwards and coming back down to earth as you try to get back into normal daily life, its loading photos onto FB afterwards and everyone laughing and joking about silly things we've done. It's about fun. Sorry to go on....but I think that covers it!
  19. Michael Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!! That is all!!
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