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  1. cullencrazy

    ET 10 Party Themes Announced

    Awesome themes! Particularly the Irish one. Genius!!
  2. cullencrazy

    Sunday night quiz.

    Totally agree I didn't get to do the last one as I wasn't very well
  3. cullencrazy

    Author signings @ ET 10?

    Absolutely love author signings. I wouldn't mind at all who it was as they are all fab but particularly love Jamie McGuire, Chloe Neill and Jessica Sorensen
  4. cullencrazy

    Party themes.

    It's hard to come up with new themes after all this time but I do like a Volturi ball - an excuse to get all glam on the Saturday night. And what about baseball theme - haven't had that since ET2. Could have a ballet theme?? Like when Bella is in the dance studio in Twilight.
  5. cullencrazy

    Guest Suggestions for ET10

    Anyone who hasn't been before...specifically: Billy Burke Anna Kendrick Elizabeth Reaser Cam Gigandet Cameron Bright Or return guests CHARLIE BEWLEY CHARLIE BEWLEY CHARLIE BEWLEY CHARLIE BEWLEY And did I mention CHARLIE BEWLEY
  6. cullencrazy

    Guest Suggestions for ET10

    JACKSON RATHBONE!!!! JCB. Xavier Samuel. Cam Gigandet. Rachelle Lefevre. Elizabeth Reaser. Maggie Grace. Oh hell to be honest anyone and I'm there!!!!
  7. cullencrazy

    Non-attendee packs

    Hey Does anyone know if you can get the non-attendee packs with all the autographs in as I want to get one for my friend who can't attend
  8. cullencrazy

    New guests but.....BEWLEY!

    He would probs do it for free he likes them that much haha
  9. cullencrazy

    heads up everyone

    Pretty please consider a yearly con... I am coming next month but not without huge struggle. In October everyone is better off, Feb is alway quiet, noone has pennies after christmas. But know this I will do everything I can in my power to spread the word as are many others right now... these conventions mean so much to so many people we need to keep them going!! What she said ^^^^ good point well made. Failing that...The Mortal Instruments con anybody????
  10. cullencrazy

    heads up everyone

    Absolutely devastated these cons have been the highlights of my year but understand they can't run at a loss. I have my ticket and will be there in style but as someone said before is there absolutely no way they can be yearly coz I know loads of people who would go to the next one but can't afford this so close to Xmas......???
  11. cullencrazy

    New guests but.....BEWLEY!

    Now I'm all for new guests and I am beyond happy at the ones that we have since I have been to all the cons so its nice to get some newbies. HOWEVER one thing I will say is that it's been too long since I had me some Bewley!!! That is one repeat guest I will never tire of he makes my heart race when I'm queuing to meet him lol
  12. cullencrazy

    Group Shoot

    Yesss I would love this. I didn't get a group shot at the last con but got one when we only had 4 guests. Would love that though
  13. cullencrazy

    Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect

    Loooovvveeee Anna. Defo one of my top must meets before I die haha x
  14. cullencrazy

    Our own Twiathlon?

    Was this possible for th Sunday theme ME...??
  15. cullencrazy

    Guest announcement

    Ohhhhh right. I had misunderstood the announcement. Thanks guys