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  1. Just to add my thoughts as well.....which is I'm gutted - but totally understand. As everyone else says, please try to get some OUAT guests to other events, I know you guys always try your best!
  2. Trust you to think of something dirty Oh don't you worry, there's always one - and it's usually me!!!
  3. Oncers, but now all I can do is think up other names, like....On ( c )e Night Standers
  4. Without a doubt, karaoke!! Yes Pleeeeeeease!!!
  5. Thank you thank you thank you again for another fantastic con! Gold was fabulous this year - the second drinks reception was really good as the guests seemed much more comfortable and chatty with us all. Collecting your photo's while you wait worked brilliantly.......I've taken away yet more awesome memories (and more than a few slightly fuzzy moments too!!!). We are all keeping our fingers crossed for the summer ball idea, which sounds amaaaaazing!! xx
  6. I have to say I was quite possibly thinking that too....... sssssssssssh!!
  7. 10am starts = LOVE THIS!!!
  8. Oh I always look forward to that! Although I did chip my front tooth on the Unicorn (what a great story to tell the Dentist that was, I rode a Unicorn so hard I chipped my tooth fnar fnar!!) so must try my best to be careful hahaha!!!
  9. I guess that's true yeah......but haven't guests been announced before for stuff we've not seen yet? Like Noel Fisher was announced for at ET7 back in February this year....he's not in the films until Breaking Dawn which isn't out till......well ages away ) Not that I'm grasping at straws or anything hahaha!! ;o)
  10. Wondered if there was any small chance of Chris being able to come along to Bitten 3.....he's been to our events before and is awesome and super talented very entertaining (ET) and now he's in the new series of True Blood, it would be amaaaaaazing for him to make an appearance at Bitten for us!!
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