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  1. Thanks for your reply, Yes that's what I understand, but this didn't happen last year, as lots of people were told to come back following day for stan lee and Tony head.. Diamond pass is supposed to stop this. But in the grand scheme of things will it avoid it? As guests will be just as busy...
  2. Evening! Sorry I have to ask another diamond pass question, don't know if it's because I'm looking through a mobile app all the time and posts are getting lost etc etc... So, a diamond pass guarantees you everything. 100%? So if, for examples sake, I buy a Christopher Lloyd photo for Saturday... I wouldn't be guaranteed to get it because he's busy doing diamond pass stuff first... Would this then be transferred to Sunday? What happens if you buy it and never get the opportunity to get the photo, will it be refunded? Last year was chaos and just need to go in full armed with kno
  3. Is there a hotel code yet???
  4. poo yes please! especially as it will be the last one!
  5. I'll buy my ticket when more guests are announced!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS THOUGH!
  6. I want to! Not sure yet?? what is the FB group??
  7. Sorry but people knew tickets were getting low. If you wanted one that bad you should have bought one. At ET4 I ended up in group Z and was really told off for asking more gold and silver tickets to be released. How is this fair? It's false promise for silver and standard tickets. People have bought silver tickets under the impression they would be 150+... 200+!! If they had know that I'm sure more people would hve gone gold in the first place, along with many more trading issues. I don't care if it's the last ET I'd be very disappointed if this happens and will seriously think abo
  8. I have no idea if there is an age limit, I'm sure her agents are probably quite protective of her... but would be so awesome to have see baby cullen!!????
  9. oooo this is quite cool!! mexxme your in colchester?? I'm just outside chelmsford.. small world!
  10. She wants to come back, but hasn't been asked yet. She's a fab guest!
  11. Individual photos are usually about £10 each. I don't know if you have to register them at all...
  12. I WANT TO MEET THEM ALLLLLLLLLL but yes, Kellan owes us
  13. I will cosplay... not sure what yet.... will look at party themes took
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