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  1. bezzo


    Really hope you can get some Grimm guests this year seeing as it's coming to an end. Keeping everything crossed that it'll happen one day.
  2. bezzo


    I know that they have been attending quite a few US conventions and David Giuntoli recently attended conventions in Australia and New Zealand. I really hope that one day they'll be invited to the UK. :)
  3. bezzo


    I had a ticket for Happily Ever After (Grimm/OUAT) and was gutted that it was cancelled! It's a shame they can't try it again as I know the Once Upon a Time cast do lots of Cons now, so getting an OUAT guest won't be a problem this time. But getting back to Grimm, none of the cast ever get booked for UK Cons so they'd be popular guests if they did.
  4. bezzo


    Haven't really seen any of the cast of Grimm at any UK conventions. I'd love to meet any of them! Please, SM, can the UK Grimmsters get some Grimm cast love at a Con?
  5. She posted a pic of her bandaged knee on her instagram account a few days ago so it's not a rumour. It's a shame I won't be able to meet her but she needs to rest that knee so that she's fighting fit for season 4 filming in June.
  6. Gutted! I'd already bought my photo ticket with her, too!
  7. I heard in a radio interview that Claire recently had knee surgery. Will she still be attending?
  8. bezzo

    Ticket Numbers!

    Lee Arenberg - 6 Claire Coffee - 15
  9. bezzo

    Who will you be getting?

    Autographs and photographs with Claire Coffee and Lee Arenberg for me.
  10. Any chance of getting another Grimm cast member to join Claire Coffee?
  11. bezzo

    Guest suggestions

    Any of the cast of Grimm and Once Upon a Time.
  12. bezzo

    EVENT CANCELLATION - Happily Ever After

    I truly am devastated to hear this! I was getting so excited for it, too. Thanks for trying to put it together, Mark and Jason. I'm sure your disappointments will be much greater than ours.
  13. bezzo

    Both Shows

    I'm a big fan of both shows, too.
  14. Well, I'm a fan both shows equally so I think that makes me a "GrimmOncester" hybrid! lol
  15. bezzo

    Party Themes!

    Hope we get some party themes soon. Need to budget for any potential costume I might need.