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  1. I'm going to say one of, if not both the new doctors
  2. As it's the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek The Motion Picture. How about Stephen Collins (Decker)
  3. Maybe, but unless people turn up in the afternoon, or leave and back, there won't be many photo shots. As you can only look around one room for so long
  4. I agree, having all the guests photo shots in the late afternoon, is stupid. Saturday i'm at work at 3pm. so i can't have any done
  5. Having problem accessing German Comic Con Dortmund page need to buy my tickets
  6. GOOD NEWS my pre-orders arrived today
  7. Don't worry, I'm not panicking over the spam, Like you said, it's the fact that the site is Not Secure the bothers me
  8. Just noticed that Showmasters and Massive Events Autograph Pre-Orders website is a NOT SECURE website :( I just got a Spam email, which accuses me of using a Not Secure website, and the only site i used to order something, which i found out not to be secure is this one. PLEASE do something about it
  9. Star Trek The Motion Picture 1979. Star Trek 2009
  10. As he's at Lfcc Spring, Robert Englund would be nice to have back. also try and get Katee Sackhoff and Ted Raimi, to stay in England for another week.
  11. It's great to see, Bournemouth will be back next year
  12. I must admit, i had a more relaxed weekend this year, compared to other years. Still HATE the fact as a Gold pass i had to wait outside while everyone else waited in a Hall, a lot of Gold pass attendees got wet on Sunday waiting for the doors to open (lucky someone saw sense and opened them early). Yes some guests were busy, BUT something has also got to be done about the DEALERS with their 10 -20 + stuff to get signed. If the want more than 5 things to get done, let them go to the back and que again. Apart from my 2 moans I have a great time THANK YOU Showmasters
  13. Gold Pass attendees, bring a brolly, as BBC Weather shows showers and Thunder, between 6 - 9 on Friday morning . As we'll be the ones queuing outside, and there is no shelter, you could get wet
  14. Hope this is the last one. as people have to make their way to London, and we don't want a guest announced, that we need on stuff left at home.
  15. Not, happy with where the Gold pass, have to que, going to have the same problems we have every year
  16. The market is here, I went sunday, there were more attendees than i was expecting. the problem was, there was no guest to pull people through the door. Anthony Head would have done it, but it was not to be
  17. CHUCK NORRIS. PLEASE get him over for a LFCC.
  18. I understand, it was just an enquiry, A question that is usually asked after an event has finished
  19. Wj i am sure the organiser know if they want to return to Bournemouth for another show. The BIC being a popular place to stage events. Dates might not have been confirmed, in time to advertise at this event
  20. Are there plans for FCC Bournemouth to return in the summer or in 2019
  21. I accept guests can cancel at anytime, been doing conventions a very long time, to know this happens. What makes me sad is that after a big 1st convention approx 3 years later, it seems that Bournemouth Comic Con is on its last legs, and i fear this could be the last one
  22. For the fear of getting BANNED i'm going to keep my thoughts about this event to myself
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