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  1. Fair enough... It's a shame. I only told the story because it was great memory for me from Collectormania. :)
  2. Just curious really... But why was my 'naughty Showmasters' thread about Eric Roberts deleted?
  3. I went to see Mark play live a while back, and after the game he stuck around to sign a few autographs... But when he got to me, I asked him for his autograph and he just gave me a horrible look and walked passed me and signed everyone else's pictures. I have no idea why he did that... Maybe I have one of those faces. Haha. Hopefully he will be in a more friendly mood with the people who are looking forward to meeting him.
  4. was that picture at Eric Robert's table and, also, do you know if he was posing for photos? Not only was he not posing for photos, but he wasn't allowing photos full stop.
  5. Why did he chase you down and tell you off for? Do tell..... Read the post "naughty Showmasters for all the goss. :)
  6. I went today very skint planning on only meeting one person... Eric Roberts. But then Eric chased me down through the crowd to tell me off so I thought "sod it... Even though he was having a go at me, I have met him and don't want to spend my hard earned cash on him", so I met Tony. Tony was a really nice guy, very approachable and chatty. He was so nice to me and my daughter. And yes... He was posing over the table for photos. I got a great picture of Tony with my daughter and I. So glad I met him rather than Eric.
  7. Awesome... true fact: the only man that has EVER scared me! I have seen many many horror films etc... and have never been scared. But when I was a kid I watched Cobra. The scene where his gang were terrorising that woman in her car and Brigitte Nielsen drove past and witnessed it was the scene that scared me. When he was in the dark and slowly emerged out and stared at Brigitte as she drove away... bloody hell! I dreamt about that look on his face for days. Very scary for a child! :) haha. I will be telling him this story when he signs my Terminator poster. :)
  8. I will check at 17:00, but I am not holding out much hope I will be able to see who it is when the server crashes. :) haha
  9. I am gutted... there is no way I can afford £70. I have baby food and nappies to buy. I have a Star Wars poster with 10 signatures so far. I can't believe I will be missing one of the key characters. Excuse me while I go away and cry...
  10. No way! This is an awesome guest... I loved him in almost everything I have seen him in... what to get signed??? The Ambulance The Lost Capone Best of the Best The Specialist Doctor Who The expendables The Dark Knight Too many to choose from!
  11. Awesome pictures guys... it was a great weekend and I am already looking forward to the next MK Collectormania. :)
  12. My photos have been uploaded to my web site... I hope you like them. :) www.richiesfamousencounters.weebly.com
  13. That's right... the classic photo thread. I will be going again tomorrow so will post mine tomorrow night. Let's see them.
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