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  1. I've booked my hotel but I've made sure I can cancel it if I need to.
  2. same here mines 23rd so fingers crossed we'll have epic birthdays next year lol happy birthday :)
  3. my surreal moment happened when I was nearly home a duck randomly fell out a tree as I walked past!
  4. I have con flu and it's my birthday tomorrow *cough, sniffle, sneeze* but it doesn't really matter because I met Sigourney yay
  5. my fella smokes and he really tried to not puff in peoples faces when we were in the queue as he knows how horrid it is for non smokers. he even tried one of those pretend fags which apparently was disgusting lol
  6. I did that too exact money in envelopes makes life so much easier for everyone
  7. well said he did a great job :)
  8. when I spoke to him on Friday about the makeup photo he said to me that he wouldn't be in the hat or jumper as it could just be anyone In the photo with you. he also said he would be wearing a showmasters t-shirt to make the picture more commemorative.
  9. woop woop I can't wait it's going to be Epic
  10. can't explain the Robert Englund incident but I can say he is awesome fun and I can't wait to meet him again. It made my day when he remembered my name at my photoshoot from signing my freddy living dead doll in the morning.
  11. I have a folder on my phone with photos of different routes, bus numbers and times, train options and walking directions all done on google maps :)
  12. thanks for posting this I'm travelling from shepherd's bush. I may see you on the train :) sorry no idea on taxi price
  13. I thought the change to £1 per item was rude but then out of curiosity I worked out that on my 5 orders with £2.50 fee the total paid was £12.50, with the new £1 per item I would have paid £10!
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